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Dark Elf Chapter 22
zone: Eataine

Dark Elf Chapter 22 Destruction Storyline

Last Stand

location: Ebonhold Watch, Eataine

npc: Kalithys Dreadspear

zone: Eataine

Public Quest: Follow the Light

Public Quest: Last Stand

Public Quest: Glittering Citadel

previous chapter is: Blind Hatred

next chapter is: Fell Landing

Chapter Lore: Morelan Darkslayer called the Dark Elf army to a halt atop the rise. As the highborn surveyed the burnt and blackened remains of Eataine's finest vineyards, the first ranks of the elite Uthorin troops came into view, fresh and ready for battle.

The High Elf forces in Eataine had been routed by the unrelenting Dark Elf attacks. Uthorin forces had proven instrumental in securing the eastern lands, rising to defeat Eltharion the Grim at the battle for Shimmersward. Members of the same company were also among those responsible for the destruction of the Hall of Kings. Indeed, House Uthorin would bear careful watching in the future.

A warrior bearing the black and purple device of Malekith separated itself from the bristling throng, heading for the commander, and was blocked by the raised blades of Darkslayer's personal guard.

"Lord Darkslayer, your leave to approach?" Recognizing the face beneath the blackened helm, Morelan gestured for the guards to let the warrior pass.


"The weak-bloods have managed to rally under a single banner. They have made camp on the hill south of here."

"What is their number?"

"Their force grows by the hour. At least three full regiments have been seen. They appear to be led by a noble, sir." The highborn ground his teeth, spitting out a familiar name.


"Yes, my lord?" Telior Windseer bowed, eyes never leaving Morelan's face.

"It appears your report on the movements of our enemies was incomplete. I am now giving you a chance to rectify your error."

"My lord, I do not under-."

"I am of course referring to the vast number of High Elf vermin you overlooked in your latest spellworking. Or did you fail to mention their presence for a reason?" The highborne's hands tightened viciously on the black-dyed humanskin reins.

"My apologies my lord Darkslayer. I will not fail you again."

"Once the capital has been taken, Malekith may find he has no further use for your kind, Telior. It would not do to be caught without a protector.

"I hear and obey, my lord." But the look in Telior's eyes as he turned to follow the retreating warrior was far from subservient.

The final struggle for Ulthuan was at hand, and already the carefully constructed ladder of power was beginning to crumble. Once Lothern fell, the alliances forged under the iron fist of Malekith's will would disintegrate and the houses would revert to their longstanding games of intrigue and assassinations. But before Lothern could be conquered, the last of these Shining defenders must be crushed, their mighty citadel darkened. And that, Morelan reasoned, was the purpose all along. A bloodthirsty smile on his face, Morelan Darkslayer gave the order to advance.

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