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Dark Elf Fortress Destruction Storyline

Fell Landing

location: Fell Landing

zone: Fell Landing

Undefined: Fortress Lord, Lord Elethirean

previous chapter is: Last Stand

Chapter Lore: Where Malekith's Fist landed the ground cracked and burned for leagues, heralding the coming of the Witch King. From the deep within the colossal Black Ark the materials to construct a huge fortress were gathered. Dark ores and blood-forged steels, ensorcelled irons and crystals of concentrated Aethyr, all were combined to create a foundation that would blight the land of Caledor to its very core. Even as his armies marched east, Malekith had his trusted servants labor to raise the fortress higher, and soon it filled the entire valley. Now Caledor's western coast is sealed off behind sinister walls and blackened earth. For a High Elf to even tread near the despoiled land is risk his lunch, and every army that marches west to assault Malekith's Black Ark and must contend with the unnatural malevolence locked within the land.

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