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zone: Ekrund

Dwarf Chapter 1 Order Storyline

Assault on Bitterstone Mine

location: Oathbearer's Landing, Ekrund

npc: Rordin Ironmane

zone: Ekrund

Public Quest: Battle of Bitterstone

previous chapter is: Dwarf

next chapter is: Defenders at the Redhammer Pub

Chapter Lore: Dwarf cannons boomed, the thunderous noise echoing in the vast underground chamber. On the opposite side of the great ravine that divided the stone cavern, a dozen Orcs were blasted apart in a spray of green ichor. A dozen more charged forward to take their place, and the greenskins returned fire with a volley of boulders from their Rock Lobbers.

All throughout the Bitterstone Mine, the Dwarfs clashed with their hated enemies. The Orcs had attacked before, but never in such numbers. After years of fighting to defend their ancient hold, it seemed that the Bitterstone Clan had finally met its doom, and the mine would once again fall to the greenskins as it had done millennia ago.

Suddenly, a great cry echoed throughout the mine. "For the High King!"

Agmar Stonemane held up a hand to silence the cannons. The sound he had heard was that of a great throng of Dwarfs, far more than should have been in the Bitterstone Mine at that moment.

A dozen Dwarfs clad in unfamiliar livery charged into the cavernous mine chamber. Agmar watched disbelieving as they rushed to the ledge and drew handguns, and the Orcs and Goblins on the far side of the ravine were cut down by a hail of bullets.

When the slaughter was over, Agmar approached the newcomers, still unsure that he believed what he was seeing.

"I'm grateful for your help, friends, but... who are you, exactly? I don't recognize your colors. From what hold do ye hail? And why have you come here to Bitterstone?"

In answer, one of the Dwarfs stepped forward. "I am General Rordin Ironmane of the Oathbearers, and by order of the High King, we're here to collect what ore ye've mined for shipment back to Karaz-a-Karak."

Agmar mopped sweat from his brow. "Ore we have, but the mines'll need to be secured first. These chuffin' Orcs and Goblins are pourin' in from all corners."

"Aye," answered the General. "First things first, then."

"There is another matter," said Agmar quietly. "The Dwarfs of Clan Bitterstone have fought for years to reclaim this mine, and many have lost their lives. That ore is precious to us, an' the High King is a long way from here. Mordrin Bitterstone is the heir to Bitterstone Mine. It wil be for him to say."

The General met Agmar's eyes for a long while. At length, he spoke. "Aye, my grandsire knew Mordin's father, Durak Bitterstone. He was a right honorable Dwarf." General Ironmane held his weapon high in the air, and spoke in a loud, booming voice so that all would hear. "I swear upon me old da's beard that the Oathbearers will aid the Dwarfs of the Bitterstone Clan to reclaim this hold that is rightfully theirs, and all the mountains that lie within its domain!"

The assembled company cheered loudly, banging their hammers upon the ground for emphasis.

"And I," answered Agmar, "will send word to Mordrin Bitterstone to inform him of your arrival in his hold. He's out in the hills lookin' for the warcamp where all these blasted greenskins are comin' from. In the meantime, the Dwarfs of the Bitterstone Mine will fight as your side, an' together we'll ride these halls of those green beasts once and for all!"

Another, louder cheer followed.

"Now," said the General, "let's get to work on these greenskins!"

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