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Dwarf Chapter 2
zone: Ekrund

Dwarf Chapter 2 Order Storyline

Defenders at the Redhammer Pub

location: Redhammer Brewery, Ekrund

npc: Krogan Redhammer

zone: Ekrund

Public Quest: Durak's Gate

Public Quest: Engine Number Nine

Public Quest: Murgluk's Gits

previous chapter is: Assault on Bitterstone Mine

next chapter is: Standoff at the Kron-Komar Gap

Chapter Lore: Fimki Grimgirsson stared hard at the horizon, his flint-grey eyes picking out a small green shape moving slowly in the distance. He drew a deep breath as he cocked the hammer on his handgun and took aim. The Thunderer released his breath as he squeezed the trigger. In the distance, a Goblin exploded into several pieces. Fimki smiled in satisfaction - something he rarely had cause to do in these hard times.

The combined forces of the Oathbearers and the Bitterstone Clan Dwarfs had proven more than a match for the greenskins at the Bitterstone Mine. The Dwarfs had driven out most of the invading Orcs and Goblins and had now begun to reclaim the lands around the mine, which the Dwarfs called Ekrund.

Though the ringing of picks on stone once again echoed from the craggy canyons and forested slopes, the battle was far from over. The Orcs had been surprised by the arrival of the Oathbearers, but all across Ekrund and in nearby Mount Bloodhorn, they were regrouping for a counterattack.

Things at the Redhammer Pub, meanwhile, had not been going well. Once, in the days when the Dwarfs still held domain over Ekrund, the pub was a popular railroad stop. When the greenskins invaded, they had destroyed the tracks in several places.

After the Dwarfs had gained control of the Bitterstone Mine, General Ironmane dispatched a company of Engineers to the pub with orders to repair the train tracks, and to put the tavern back in working order. With the trains running again, shipments of ore from the mine could be doubled. Meanwhile, the fresh supplies of ale would do wonders for the morale of the beleagured Dwarfs.

A regiment of Thunderers under the command of Olfgrom Redhammer was assigned to protect the Engineers as they worked. Olfgrom was a direct descendant of the pub's founder, Droki Redhammer, and the general knew the old Dwarf would take great pride in seeing the Redhammer back in business.

"Good shot, Fimki!" bellowed Olfgrom from the porch of the pub, his tankard held high in salute. "I heard tell old Mordrin's got a crew down Ancestor's Watch pumping out the water. The ore's so plentiful at the bottom, they're pulling it from the rock with their bare hands!"

"Humph!" grumbled the old Thunderer in reply. "More ore to hand over to these Oathbearers, so we can watch them cart it off to the Worlds Edge Mountains with naught to show for it.

"Have another ale and stop your complainin'. It's makin' me head ring. Any sign of those reinforcements from Bitterstone?"

"None," answered Fimki dourly, watching as another Goblin peered up from a distant outcropping. "But they'd better be here soon - I'm almost out of shot."

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