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Dwarf Chapter 3

Dwarf Chapter 3 Order Storyline

Standoff at the Kron-Komar Gap

location: Kron-Komar Gap, Mount Bloodhorn

npc: Odarik Rorkisson

zone: Mount Bloodhorn

Public Quest: Kron Komar Gap

Public Quest:

Public Quest: Siege of Komar

previous chapter is: Defenders at the Redhammer Pub

next chapter is: Grudgekeg's Guard

Chapter Lore: Odarik Rorkisson cast a stormy look across the ravine that separated his encampment from that of the Orcs and Goblins. Long ago, the ancient village of Komar had spanned the chasm. Now, the Dwarfs were forced to share the town with their hated enemies.

On the Dwarfs' side of the gap, the Oathbearers had fortified the ancient ruins to use as a base. On the greenskins' side, once-proud structures were defaced and ruined, the fine stonework cracked and chipped and the sturdy oak doors painted over in tribal emblems.

Odarik spat in the dust at his feet and swore an oath under his breath. He wanted nothing more than to charge across the bridge and make the Orcs pay for every scratch, chip and dent in those Dwarf houses of old. He took a deep breath and reminded himself that his efforts here were part of a larger plan.

With their mine secured, the Dwarfs of the Bitterstone clan were busy filling barrel after barrel with valuable ore. Meanwhile, General Ironmane's regiment of Oathbearers were fighting to secure the roads and railways along which that ore would be shipped back to Karaz-a-Karak.

Thus far, the Oathbearers had done well. The greenskins, at first caught off guard by the Oathbearers' assault, had been driven back to the slopes of Mount Bloodhorn. The victory was short-lived, however. The Orcs massed a great horde to march to the Gates of Ekrund, which the Dwarfs had sealed shut.

The Gates of Ekrund could be held for a time, but eventually, the Orcs would break through. To prevent this, General Ironmane devised a bold plan: the Oathbearers would race to the Kron Komar Gap and ambush the greenskin horde, disrupting their march to the Gates.

Odarik Rorkisson, a Longbeard and veteran of many campaigns back east in the Worlds Edge Mountains, was chosen to lead the attack. Rorkisson's Thunderers had successfully diverted part of the greenskin army toward Kron Komar, but now he and his Dwarfs found themselves surrounded, outnumbered, and fighting for their lives.

Rorkisson barked orders to a nearby Dwarf. "Gron, gather the lads! While we're holdin' these Orcs at bay, go an' deal with that Necromancer down in Durak's Vault. The last thing we need is an army o' skeletons marchin' up on our backs!"

A Goblin's arrow ricocheted from the wall of the stone dwelling next to him, and Odarik scowled and drew his handgun.

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