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Dwarf Warcamp
zone: Ekrund

Dwarf Warcamp Order Storyline

Grudgekeg's Guard

location: Grudgekeg's Guard, Ekrund

npc: Moranir Grudgekeg

zone: Ekrund

Objective: Cannon Battery

Objective: Stonemine Tower

Objective: The Lookout

Objective: Ironmane Outpost

previous chapter is: Standoff at the Kron-Komar Gap

next chapter is: Keeping the Dogs at Bay

Chapter Lore: A loud bang reverberated throughout the canyon. That would be yet another cannon that the damnable greenskins had gotten to, thought Moranir Grudgekeg bitterly. The stupid beasts didn't even know what to do with what they had. Each time they captured the gun battery, one of the more enterprising Goblins would invariably try to use the cannon and blow himself up. The death of the Goblin was, of course, no great loss. But the destruction of yet another centuries-old weapon would be a profound loss for the Dwarfs in Mount Bloodhorn.

The Oathbearers hadn't Engineers to spare to operate the battery, and the artillery was well out of range of the battle going on at the Gates of Ekrund. The only reason for protecting the cannon was to keep the greenskins from getting at them.

This is why the old Dwarf preferred sending the newer recruits from the Oathbearers out to keep an eye on the old weapons, occasionally. If they got to kill some greenskins while they did so, all the better for them. Any experience the beardlings got here would be beneficial as they worked their way towards retaking Karak Eight Peaks from the hated greenskins.

Moranir shouted at a group of Oathbearer recruits, "What are you waiting for? Get out there before the chuffin' beasties blow up another one."

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