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Dwarf Chapter 6

Dwarf Chapter 6 Order Storyline

Murdogh's Hold

location: Murdogh's Hold, Marshes of Madness

npc: Murdogh Kadrikson

zone: Marshes of Madness

Public Quest: Assault on Coal Ridge Depot

Public Quest: Marsh Conquest

Public Quest: Battle at Blood Fen

previous chapter is: Bogged Down

next chapter is: Goldpeak's Overlook

Chapter Lore: Murdogh Kadriksson held a small nugget of oathgold in his fingers. He turned it over and over, enraptured by the way the metal sparkled when it caught the glint of the sun.
"There is little a Dwarf will not do to possess such a treasure," he remarked aloud. "Pity it's found only in this stinking black pit of a marsh!"

Few kinds of gold were as pure or as bright as oathgold, and the Dwarfs had tried unsuccessfully to mine it from the black earth of the Marshes of Madness for centuries. The bog was home to the Black Skull Orcs, a particularly savage tribe that used their knowledge of the swamp to great advantage. If the Dwarfs were going to gather any appreciable quantity of oathgold for the Doomstrikers, help would be needed. Kadriksson, a renowned mercenary and Orc-hunter, had been hired to protect the miners and supply wagons.

"Burlok, bring my gun and ready the men! There's a shipment of gold headin' north, and we have a road to clear!" The mercenary slipped the nugget of gold into his pocket and turned to pick up his handgun. From behind him, a hand grabbed firm hold of his upper arm, and spun him around. He found himself face to face with Burlok Greysteel, the Oathbearer longbeard who had been suspicious of Kadriksson from the start.

"You'll hand me that bit of oathgold ye've just pocketed, mercenary, and if ye've got any more in there, I want that, too."

The two Dwarfs stared unflinchingly at one another. The mercenary could see that Greysteel was deadly serious. His other hand had already strayed to the hilt of his hammer.

"Think of it as part of the payment for my services," said the mercenary coolly. "Now, if you know what's good for ye, Greysteel, you'll let go of my arm before I lose my temper."

Greysteel squeezed Murdogh's arm more tightly. "Do ye know how many a good an' honest Dwarf gave his life for a mote of oathgold even half the size of what ye've taken? Look around this camp, sellsword, and tell me if ye think you can take me an' all the Oathbearers at once. Because that'll be the fight ye'll have on your hands when I tell them you've been stealin' the very gold we've been dying for."

Murdogh could see that the other Oathbearers around the camp had taken an interest in the confrontation, and were gathering around.

With his free arm, Kadriksson took the nugget of oathgold from his pocket and handed it to Greysteel.

The longbeard turned to go, then looked back over his shoulder and spoke so that only the mercenary could hear him.

"I'll be watchin' ye."

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