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Dwarf Warcamp

Dwarf Warcamp Order Storyline

Goldpeak's Overlook

location: Goldpeak's Overlook, Barak Varr

npc: Farnir Goldpeak

zone: Barak Varr

Objective: The Lighthouse

Objective: The Ironclad

Objective: Dok Karaz

previous chapter is: Murdogh's Hold

next chapter is: Thurarikson's Warcamp

Chapter Lore: Farnir Goldpeak watched the Ironclad make its slow and purposeful crawl through the harbor. He hoped desperately that the ship carried reinforcements for the defense of Barak Varr. Barak Varr was the key to the Dwarf war effort. Supplies and troops needed to move through the port in order for the Dwarf's campaign to retake Karak Eight Peaks were to succeed.

The Dwarf port city had been under continuous assault by the greenskin hordes for weeks. If Barak Varr remained blockaded much longer, the war effort would be devastated. The Orcs' blockade had not only limited shipments of supplies and reinforcements from reaching King Grundadrakk and the rest of the city's defenders, but also kept supplies within the city from being transported to the front lines.

It was dark, but Farnir could yet see that the Ironclad had suffered greatly in breaking through the blockade. Great rents and smoldering wounds marred the ships decks and crewmen could be seen as they tried to extinguish the flames.

Farnir realized in horror that the ship was not making for the leeward side of the point - it was heading straight for the beach!

Why had the beacon at the lighthouse not been lit?

He got his answer quickly as the wind shifted and he heard the unmistakable echoes of combat from the beach. The greenskins had taken the lighthouse!

As Farnir gathered together Oathbearers from the camp to mount a counterattack, the ill-fated Ironclad ran aground with a loud scraping sound. The groaning of the metal hull as it was raked against the rocky shore was quickly followed by shouts and battle cries. The orcs had turned their attention to the wounded ironclad and were to climb aboard the the wreck to attack the crew.

It was too late to save the poor Dwarfs on the ironclad, Farnir knew. All the Oathbearers could do now was light the beacon once more so that none of the Dwarfs' other vessels would suffer the same fate.

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