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Dwarf Warcamp

Dwarf Warcamp Order Storyline

Thurarikson's Warcamp

location: Thurarikson's Warcamp, Marshes of Madness

npc: Balabin Thurarikson

zone: Marshes of Madness

Objective: Alcadizaar's Tomb

Objective: Goblin Armory

Objective: Fangbreaka Swamp

previous chapter is: Goldpeak's Overlook

next chapter is: Bar Dawazbak

Chapter Lore: Balabin Thurarikson picked up the crudely constructed choppa and tested its heft and balance. The Dwarf took a practice swipe that nearly caused him to fall over. These crude greenskin implements would be nothing compared to the glory of the Doomstrikers. The new weapons, once forged, would truly swing the balance of the war to retake Karak Eight Peaks in the Dwarfs' favor. With a final "Tsk." of disdain, Balabin cast the weapon to the ground.

"How those greenskins even fight with these things is beyond me. It's like tryin' ta swing an axe under water. 'Tis no wonder the monsters are so strong. Me arms'd look like smoked hams if I had ter fight and train with a weapon like that every day."

"It's a shame yer arms ain't hams, Longbeard. We could use a good meal after so many weeks in this swamp." said one of the Oathbearer recruits with a laugh.

Balabin chuckled at the jest, but his laughter was hollow and forced. "Yer won't be laughin' when a big Black Orc comes swingin' one of these hunks of steel yer way, lad. That's why you've been brought here. If you lads can take out that Goblin Armory like you've been trained to do, the great green krut-heads'll 'ave to fight us with their bare 'ands."

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