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Dwarf Chapter 10

Dwarf Chapter 10 Order Storyline

On the Trail of a Legend

location: Norrikson's Excavation, The Badlands

npc: Alethewn Stoutgut

zone: The Badlands

Public Quest: The Cauldron

Public Quest: Kazad Drung

Public Quest: Savage Assault

previous chapter is: Mine, All Mine

next chapter is: Good News, and Bad

Chapter Lore: Kazagin Norrikson stared up at one of the black stone pillars that surrounded the Dwarf camp. He growled with dissatisfaction and shook his head.

"If this is what passes for Mourkain workmanship, its little wonder their empire crumbled!"

Behind him, a number of Dwarfs were inspecting the base of another of the pillars. Suddenly, one of them cried out.

Kazagin turned to see what the Dwarf had discovered. The other Dwarfs scattered around the camp stopped their work and looked over.

"Well, spit it out, Odorin! What have ye found?"

Odorin, still crouched low to the ground, studied the base of the black pillar intently. Turning his head to speak over his shoulder, he addressed the Dwarf leader. "More runes here. It's another bit of old Fireforge's writing. There's no doubt of it - he and his band must have camped at this very spot. It says they were going to continue their search to the north, in the hills."

"At last, some progress!" grumbled Kazagin. He was still skeptical about the entire venture. The Oathbearers had been dispatched to the Badlands on the trail of the legendary Phineas Fireforge, last Dwarf of the Clan Brynduraz and sole inheritor of its buried wealth. Phineas' clan lived in the brightstone mines beneath Mount Gunbad, but the mines fell to a horde of Night Goblins in the Time of Woes, and all the Dwarfs save Phineas perished.

As brightstone was exceedingly rare, it was also very valuable. Phineas became obsessed with reclaiming the mines both to restore his clan's legacy, and to claim the wealth within them. The Night Goblins guarding the main entrance at Mount Gunbad were far too numerous, but rumor held that the ancient Mourkain people had built a tunnel in the badlands that joined with the brightstone mines.

Phineas set out on an expedition to cross the dangerous Badlands and find the Gunbad Tunnel. Now, many years later, the Oathbearers were following in his footsteps. The Forgemasters at Karaz-a-Karak required brightstone to forge the Doomstriker weapons and imbue them with runes of great power. Luckily for them, Phineas had left many clues during his search, marking the stones with runes only a Dwarf could read.

The sound of a distant battle-cry echoed across the rocky bluffs. The Dwarfs stopped their work and raced for their tents, emerging moments later with handguns, axes and hammers.

Kazagin barked orders to his men. "Take up positions, lads! Looks like them Savage Orcs are back for more!"

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