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Dwarf Chapter 11

Dwarf Chapter 11 Order Storyline

Good News, and Bad

location: Fireforge's Trail, The Badlands

npc: Skaf Copperstone

zone: The Badlands

Public Quest: Revoltin' Gobbos

Public Quest: Fireforge's Camp

Public Quest: Troll Island

previous chapter is: On the Trail of a Legend

next chapter is: Odinadotr's Watch

Chapter Lore: Skaf Copperstone sighed heavily as he surveyed the ruins of the mining caravan. The greenskins had timed their ambush perfectly - the caravan was making a difficult river crossing, and the waters were deeper and swifter than the Dwarfs had anticipated. During the fight, several Dwarfs had been carried away by the river's current in their struggle to reach the Goblin archers on the far bank. Finally, the Dwarfs drove off the attacking greenskins, but they would return in greater numbers.

As Copperstone surveyed his map of the Badlands, he caught a flicker of movement at the corner of his eye. He raised his handgun and spun about to see one of his Rangers racing toward him. Skaff exhaled as he lowered his gun, and cried out, "Cognoggin! What did ye see?"

The Dwarf slowed, pausing to catch his breath before he answered. "The tunnel - it's there, just as old Phineas claimed! I followed the Gobbos back to it, and in they went. I found this near the mouth of the tunnel." The Ranger handed Copperstone a small pebble of shining blue crystal.

Skaff spat in the dust. "By Grungni's great gromril boots! Brightstone! So the tale is true, then. We'll need to send a messenger south and call for reinforcements. Even if a thousand Night Goblins stand between us and the tunnel, we'll have that brightstone!"

Skaff climbed up onto a Crate and cried out for all the Dwarfs at the camp to gather around. When he had the group's attention, he spoke.

"When the Oathbearers set out to help reclaim Ekrund, folk said it couldn't be done. When we ventured into the depths of the Marshes of Madness to find oathgold, who other than we and the High King truly believed we would succeed? But succeed we did! The Forgemasters have all the bitterstone ore and oathgold they need, and more!"

The Dwarfs raised their fists into the air and cheered, and the old Dwarf let them continue for several moments.

"Ah, but at least with the bitterstone ore and the oathgold, we knew where to look! This Gunbad Tunnel has been another matter. Some of ye have asked me 'Skaff, does old Fireforge's tunnel really exist? Ain't that an old tavern tale? Are we out here in the Badlands, surrounded by Savage Orcs, Trolls and all manner of other beasts riskin' our necks for nothing?' Well, look on this and tell me what ye think."

Skaff held the brightstone high above his head so that all could see it. A few Dwarfs gasped, but most stood in rapt silence, unable to take their eyes from the glittering blue gem.

"Aye, old Fireforge's tunnel is real enough, and it ain't far. The Forgemasters will get their brightstone, and why? Because we're Oathbearers! To them who doubted our task, I say this - think on that name and what it means."

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