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Dwarf Warcamp

Dwarf Warcamp Order Storyline

Odinadotr's Watch

location: Odinadotr's Watch, Black Fire Pass

npc: Gamira Odinadotr

zone: Black Fire Pass

Objective: Goblin Artillery Range

Objective: Karagaz

previous chapter is: Good News, and Bad

next chapter is: Dour Guard

Chapter Lore: Make for the pass! We must stop them at the pass! screamed Gamira Odinadotr as she tried to rally the young Oathbearers to their feet.

They'd recently been turned back by the greenskins at the Broken Tower and were making a last ditch effort to dig in at Black Fire Pass.

If the supplies and reinforcements flowing into the area were the lifeblood of the Dwarfs defending Bugman's Brewery, the roads were the arteries. Should the greenskins take the pass, any aid for the Dwarfs at Bugman's would be cut off as though a tourniquet had been applied. Holding the pass was of paramount importance to the defense of Bugman's.

If the Dwarfs could not hold at Bugman's they surely could not drive out the greenskins in the rest of the pass. Should both Black Fire Pass and Bugman's fall to the greenskins, the Dwarf effort to retake Karak Eight Peaks would be dealt a fatal blow.

Gamira shouted again, her shrill voice piercing the air like a bullet, "You will hold them here, or your brothers at Bugman's will die. Do you want their deaths on your hands?" She lowered her voice to a rasp, "I've lost my husband to this bloody war, and I'll not let Bugman's fall on my watch. Onward!"

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