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Dwarf Warcamp

Dwarf Warcamp Order Storyline

Dour Guard

location: Dour Guard, Badlands

npc: Lungni the Dour

zone: The Badlands

Objective: Furrig's Fall

Objective: Bugman's Brewery

Objective: Thickmuck Pit

Objective: Gnol Baraz

previous chapter is: Odinadotr's Watch

next chapter is: Solemn Oath

Chapter Lore: The relentless sun beat down upon the Dwarfs as they marched. Each step was a fresh exercise in agony as their feet ached from the shifting sand, causing blisters and other minor, but altogether annoying distractions.

"Halt," called out Lungni to his men, "We rest here." Dwarfs weren't exactly known for their loquaciousness, but Lungni was exceptionally tight-lipped, even for a Dwarf. Unless there was an emergency of some sort, those were likely to be the most words the taciturn Lungni would utter for hours.

The Dwarfs nursed their canteens and shared gripes about the weather and all of the other things about the Badlands that they despised.

"This land's as hospitable as a scorpion's nest. Craters everywhere, full of glowin' evil-lookin' rocks. It reeks of the foul magics the Skaven use. I'd hate to see what you'd find if you dug up the bottom of one of these craters," groused one Oathbearer.

"Aye," agreed another. "That's a crazy prospect even for the soddin' greenskins. I hope we can stop whatever they're up to and get out of here for good. Once we've recaptured Karak Eight Peaks, I wouldn't come into the Badlands again if you gave me a nugget of gold the size of me 'ead." There was a sharp intake of breath as Lungni suddenly appeared and walked amid the complaining Dwarfs.

When the words came, they were slow and purposeful, "Well, then Bufo, it's a good thing we're tryin' to stop the greenskins from diggin', an' not minin' gold fer ourselves, ain't it?" And with that, Lungni turned on his heel and left.

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