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Dwarf Chapter 12

Dwarf Chapter 12 Order Storyline

Solemn Oath

location: Proudrock, Black Fire Pass

npc: Varmir Proudrock

zone: Black Fire Pass

Public Quest: Moonfang Remnant

Public Quest: Grimbeard Station

Public Quest: Hindelburg

previous chapter is: Dour Guard

next chapter is: Encircled

Chapter Lore: As the Runepriest opened his gilded tome, all of the Dwarfs gathered before him bowed their heads respectfully.

"Sons and daughters of Grungni, hear my words. It was here in Black Fire Pass that our great King Kurgan Ironbeard swore a solemn oath that all Dwarfs must honor. To the hero Sigmar, who fought at the side of the Dwarfs in our war against the greenskins long ago, King Ironbeard pledged that the Empire would know no threat from the east while even one Dwarf still draws breath. You have come here today to honor that ancient pledge, for the enemies of Dwarfs and Men are gathering even now to attack the southern lands of the Empire."

As the Runepriest continued, Varmir Proudrock looked over the ragged company of Dwarfs. Many of them had traveled far to come to Black Fire Pass. Judging by the dust on their boots, he guessed that most had trekked north from the Badlands. His chest swelled with pride to see so many of his Oathbearer bretheren come so far in answer to his urgent summons.

It was purely by chance that Varmir and his regiment of Oathbearers discovered the Goblin army preparing to assault the Empire's southern provinces. Varmir had been headed for Bugman's Brewery to procure a shipment of ale. This was to be a gift from the High King for the Dwarfs mining brightstone in the Badlands. Quite by surprise, they found the brewery under attack by a small army of Goblins that was preparing to invade the Empire.

Varmir sent messengers to the Worlds Edge Mountains and the Badlands, and many warriors had come. They knew, as did Varmir, that a failure to uphold Kurgan Ironbeard's ancient oath would have a catastrophic effect on the morale of their people. If the Dwarfs should falter now, men and High Elves alike would be doomed for certain.

The Runepriest closed his tome and bowed his head. It was now Varmir's turn to speak.

"I'll be plain with ya," began the Dwarf. "There's a mess of Gobbos lookin' to sneak up through Black Fire Pass. They mean to attack the Empire's south while her armies are in the north fightin' off the invasion. We're here to stop 'em, but it won't be easy. All I ask is that ye swing your hammers hard and don't leave one Gobbo standin'. Now, let's go hunt some Gobbos!"

The Dwarfs grunted and nodded in agreement, and Varmir led them from the camp.

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