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Dwarf Chapter 13

Dwarf Chapter 13 Order Storyline


location: Dunhilda's Lads, The Badlands

npc: Dunhilda Grodrikson

zone: The Badlands

Public Quest: Putrid Tar Pits

Public Quest: Skullbreaker Ridge

Public Quest: Tomb of Kali'Amon

previous chapter is: Solemn Oath

next chapter is: The Best Defense

Chapter Lore: Pappy Stoutgut's eyes scanned the rocky hills for signs of trouble as the cart laden with brightstone rolled slowly along the nearby road. The first part of the Oathbearers' daunting mission in the Badlands had been accomplished; the Dwarfs had found the hidden tunnel for which Phineas Fireforge had searched most of his life.

Mining the brightstone had been anything but easy. Night Goblins still infested the tunnels, and there was evidence that the Mourkain had been up to something in the caves as well. The taint of Chaos was evident, and deeper in the mines, there was a dark power at work. If the Dwarfs were going to extract enough brightstone to forge their Doomstrikers, all of these threats would have to be dealt with.

Complicating matters was a desperate plea from Black Fire Pass. An army of Goblins was marching to attack the Empire's undefended southern provinces by way of Black Fire Pass. The Dwarfs had sworn an oath long ago to defend the mountain passes and ensure that no foe should use them to strike at the Empire. So important was this pledge that many of the Oathbearers had left to fight the Goblins in Black Fire Pass, reducing the Dwarfs' strength in the Badlands by half.

Those Dwarfs who had stayed behind to protect the shipments of brightstone were more vulnerable than ever, a fact that was not lost on the greenskins. Rangers reported that tribes of Savage Orcs were uniting for a massed attack. Gangs of bandits caught off guard by the Dwarfs' unexpected appearance in the Badlands were regrouping. Trolls and Giants the Dwarfs had driven back were now returning to their old stomping grounds, and they were hungry. In all directions, enemies were marshalling their forces, encircling the poorly-defended Dwarf camps.

A shrill cry pierced the air from above. Pappy glanced up, squinting against the sun. A large vulture wheeled overhead, and while Pappy looked on it was joined by a second, then a third.

Pappy heaved a sigh as the cart passed out of sight. Against all odds, the Dwarfs were once again mining brightstone. Getting it safely back to Karaz-a-Karak, however, would be another matter entirely.

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