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Dwarf Chapter 14

Dwarf Chapter 14 Order Storyline

The Best Defense

location: Ironbeard's Assault, The Badlands

npc: Athran Ironbeard

zone: The Badlands

Public Quest: Black Orc Slog

Public Quest: Bloody Savages

Public Quest: Skullsmasher's Boyz

previous chapter is: Encircled

next chapter is: Kazad Gromar

Chapter Lore: All eyes were on Athran Ironbeard as he addressed his regiment.

"As ye all know, thanks to your hard work an' honest toil, there's been one cartful after another of brightstone headed east for many a day now. Well, I'm here to tell ye that the first shipment has arrived at Karak-a-Karak, and the forgin' of the Doomstrikers has at last begun!" Every Dwarf fell silent at this momentous news.

"Aye, them chuffin' Orcs might have spilt our blood, but they ain't stopped us from doin' what we set out to do!" A loud cheer erupted from the throng of Dwarfs. Athran continued, shouting over the din.

"The work ain't done yet, lads. There's more brightstone to mine and the roads still need keepin' safe. The best way to do that is to hit them green vermin when they ain't expectin' it! Well, it just so happens we've found the fort those blasted Bloody Sun Boyz have been launching their attacks from. Up in Bloodgash Ravine, it is, and made all o' pitted planks and frayed ropes hung on the sides o' the cliffs. Ain't a lick o' sense in it, if ye ask me, but that's Orcs for ya." A hearty chuckle passed through the crowd.

Athran's face turned grave, and he took hold of his great battleaxe by both hands. "Now, listen close, Oathbearers, cause I ain't goin' to say this twice. Many a good Dwarf has met his end at the hands o' these blasted greenskins. These Bloody Suns are the very same tribe that took Karak Eight Peaks from us, and while it ain't yet time to take back our hold, we can give 'em a little reminder that we ain't forgotten about it!"

Athran picked up his hammer and turned, breaking into a run. With a great roar, the Dwarfs surged forward to follow. Kicking up a great cloud of dust, they charged headlong into the greenskins' fortress, hammers and axes raised high and ready to strike.

Orcs and Goblins emerged from the huts to see what was causing all the noise, and when they spotted the Dwarfs, they took up their choppas and ran to meet them.

The Dwarfs and greenskins crashed together with terrible force, and the battle for Bloodgash Ravine began.

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