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Dwarf Chapter 15

Dwarf Chapter 15 Order Storyline

Kazad Gromar

location: Kazad Gromar, Kadrin Valley

npc: Skoragrin Drokison

zone: Kadrin Valley

Public Quest: Ambush Pass

Public Quest: Evil Axis

Public Quest: Plague Mist Vale

previous chapter is: The Best Defense

next chapter is: Kargrund's Stand

Chapter Lore: Skoragin Drokison bowed his head reverently as he knelt before the Shrine of Grimnir, whispering a prayer to the warrior god. The sound of a great horn boomed, and Skoragin opened his eyes. The note sounded only once, indicating the approach of friendly forces.

Skoragin rose to his feet, surprised. As the senior longbeard at Kazad Gromar, he was more used to hearing the horn sound twice, warning of an enemy attack. A tribe of Beastmen had moved into the area, and they probed the Dwarfs' defenses ceaselessly. Further to the south, strange creatures had been seen roaming the pine forests, Daemon servants of the Lord of Plagues. They were working some foul magic upon the land, but Skoragin had not the soldiers to send against them.

But these were not the only threats. Rumors of a new enemy had reached his ears. He had precious little real information to go on, for many patrols had gone missing of late. What he did know was ominous: a great black Dragon had been seen wheeling high above, and stealthy, black cloaked figures had been spotted spying on the fort from rocky crags and forests.

Recently he had received a letter from General Rordin Ironmane, leader of the Oathbearers. The General was sending troops to reinforce Kadrin Valley, though he would not say why. Did Ironmane know something about the mysterious new threat that had appeared? Were the two events somehow connected?

With a sound of grinding gears, the outer gate of the fortified Dwarf outpost creaked open. A lone cart pulled by a pair of mountain ponies rolled slowly toward the settlement. Flanking the cart were eight Ironbreakers, four on each side and all dressed in the livery of the Oathbearers.

Skoragin's heart beat a little faster. He'd heard the first shipments of Doomstrikers were being sent to all the Dwarf holds. Could this be Kazad Gromar's shipment? Though not normally an impatient Dwarf, Skoragin could scarcely wait to get a look at the most magnificent weapons he was likely to lay eyes upon in all his life. The other Dwarfs nearby raced toward the gate, their eyes wide and eager.

Suddenly, a guttural roar echoed from the rocks. A dozen Gors leapt out from hiding behind some boulders near the road and raced toward the cart. The Beastmen warriors were tall and well-muscled, with the heads of wolves, goats, bulls and other creatures. All carried crude weapons and wore armor fashioned from leather and fur, and adorned with the bones of small animals and trinkets taken from the Dwarfs they'd slain.

Without a moment's hesitation, Skoragin charged forward. As he ran, he called out "It's an ambush! Protect the wagon at all costs, lads!"

The Gors qere quickly closing the distance to the cart. The Dwarf teamster who drove the wagon hurriedly turned and pried open one of the crates with a single, swift gesture. He reached in and retrieved a golden hammer that glinted in the sunlight. He tossed it toward Skoragin, who snatched it nearly from the air.

The Dwarf dropped the axe he'd been carrying and took hold of the magnificent hammer with both hands. He wished for all the world that he could stop time long enough to admire the weapon's remarkable craftmasnship. It was perfectly balanced, and the head was etched with dozens of intricate runes. There was no doubt in his mind: this was a Doomstriker.

Skoragin raced toward the enemy with renewed enthusiasm, a broad smile on his face. What better way to test the weapon's quality than by smashing in the heads of a few Gors?

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