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Dwarf Warcamp

Dwarf Warcamp Order Storyline

Kargrund's Stand

location: Kargrund's Stand, Thunder Mountain

npc: Bodor Greymere

zone: Thunder Mountain

Objective: Hardwater Falls

Objective: Icehearth Crossing

Objective: Gromril Junction

Objective: Dolgrund's Cairn

Objective: Ironskin Skar

Objective: Badmoon Hole

previous chapter is: Kazad Gromar

next chapter is: The Conquest of Grung Grimaz

Chapter Lore: The rocks were loose and Rorri had to struggle to gain purchase as he climbed up from the dig site. He and his fellows had been excavating the ground here in hopes of finding some more of Lorgrin Olgrumson's hidden treasures, but things had been going poorly.

The greenskins had stumbled upon their dig site and had been launching raids against the Dwarfs ever since. Thus far, Rorri's lads had held their own, but it was nearly impossible to get in any good digging. As if things weren't bad enough, word had come that other Dwarf camps throughout Thunder Mountains were having similar troubles. The Guild of Engineers maintained a weapons testing range not far from the dig site and that, too had come under attack. Rangers had spotted an old Dwarf keep, now long abandoned, that the Orcs were using a forward base to coordinate their strikes.

Sure, the Dwarfs in Thunder Mountain could always count on Bodor Greymere to send aid. The longbeard had several regiments of Hammerstrikers at his command, and more recently a number of Oathbearer units had arrived at his camp to help the cause. The stout warriors would be hard pressed to defend all the Dwarf sites in Thunder Mountain, however, and more greenskins were pouring into the area by the day. Rorri had no doubt his archaeological expedition ranked a distant third in priority to the Engineers' testing ground and the Orc hold. There was little he could do but carry on his work and hope the greenskins didn't overrun his site.
Movement in the distance roused the digger from his thoughts. Whatever it was, it was huge and it was kicking up quite a bit of dust.

In horror, he realized that it wasn't a single thing, but rather a swarming horde of greenskins moving toward the camp. The young miner had never seen so many greenskins at once.

Crying out an alarm to his crew, Rorri dashed toward the signal beacon as fast as his legs could carry him. As he ran, he prayed Old Greymere's warriors would reach the camp in time.

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