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Dwarf Chapter 16

Dwarf Chapter 16 Order Storyline

The Conquest of Grung Grimaz

location: Hungry Troll Pub, Kadrin Valley

npc: Furen Brazenbrow

zone: Kadrin Valley

Public Quest: Gates of Grung Grimaz

Public Quest: The Sealed Tower

Public Quest: Night Riders

previous chapter is: Kargrund's Stand

next chapter is: Raiders of the Lost Vault

Chapter Lore: The eyes of the Dark Elf soldiers turned skyward as a great, dark shadow passed low over their heads. A massive Black Dragon landed upon the roof of a stone tower in the Dwarf fortress, its wings making great, thunderous sounds as they beat the air. The Dragon's rider, Beastmaster Vauroth, dismounted and looked with satisfaction upon the flaming wreckage of the fortress that sprawled out beneath him.

His gaze now turned to the snowy slope beyond the fortress walls. The Dwarfs were regrouping, but it was clear they'd suffered badly in the attack. The Dark Elves had caught them completely off-guard, swooping in like a black tide of death. More than half the Dwarf defenders had fallen, and the rest fled like whipped dogs, retreating into the trees to lick their wounds.

At the sound of boots on the hard, cold stone behind him, Vauroth turned. A soldier kneeled low, and then rose to his feet to report.

"The Dwarfs are routed, Lord Vauroth. What are your orders?"

Vauroth's eyes narrowed. "Routed? What do you see at the edge of the woods, there? Could it be the Dwarfs, preparing to launch a counterattack? Have you erected defenses and fortified our position?"

The soldier stammered, but Vauroth cut him off. "The Oathbearers have come to Kadrin Valley, and they have brought their newly-made Doomstrikers with them. They have wisely chosen to place their deadliest weapons in the hands of their Slayers, hoping to quickly turn the tide of this war. When they leanr that Grung Grimaz has fallen to us, they will hasten here to reclaim it."

Vauroth's eyes swept the horizon, and after a moment, he continued. "There is still time. We will remain here and plunder the fortress. When I am satisfied that we have taken everything of use and destroyed the rest, we will move against the Slayers' keep. Tell the warriors to prepare for an assault while I search the area. When I return, I'll decide what punishment best fits your lack of preparedness."

To emphasize his point, Vauroth patted the neck of his Dragon, which roared hungrily, as if understanding its master's words.

The soldier, his face now devoid of color, bowed low and hurried off down the tower's steps.

Vauroth's task was inglorious. He had been sent to observe and, where needed, to guide the greenskins' attack on Karak Kadrin. He was determined to make the best of his mission. Here, far from the courtly intrigues and power struggles of his people, there was no one to challenge his authority.

Vauroth chuckled to himself and dug his heels into the Dragon's haunches. The monster rose into the air and disappeared into the low-hanging clouds.

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