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Dwarf Chapter 17

Dwarf Chapter 17 Order Storyline

Raiders of the Lost Vault

location: Lorkinson's Excavation, Thunder Mountain

npc: Zamgrund Lorkison

zone: Thunder Mountain

Public Quest: Dragon's Blessing

Public Quest: Red with Envy

Public Quest: 'Ungry 'Ungry Greenskins

previous chapter is: The Conquest of Grung Grimaz

next chapter is: Into the Fire

Chapter Lore: As the regiment of Oathbearers rounded the corner, two things came into view. One, they were expecting to see and the other, they were not.

Before the Dwarfs was the lost vault of Ankul Duraz, now fallen into ruin but still magnificent to behold. On the road between the Dwarfs and the vault stood a lone man in worn leather armor, wearing a kerchief over his mouth and a flamboyant hat. It was clear by his defiant pose and the swords which hung at his sides that the stranger fancied himself a bandit.

The leader of the Oathbearer regiment, Zamgrund Lorkinson, stepped forward. "State yer business, manling, and then get off the road. We've no time to waste."

The bandit snorted contemptuously. "By order of the most esteemed Lord Reichert, leader and Captain of Reichert's Raiders, you are to surrender your supplies and arms and leave this place at once, on penalty of death!"

The Dwarfs quickly raised their axes and hammers to the ready. Zamgrund spat in the dust at the bandit's feet, then answered.

"You tell yer chuffin' Captain that we're on a mission for the High King himself, and if he wants to get in our way, he had better make peace with his ancestors first. If it's a skuff yer lookin' for, manling dog, ye'll serve yourself better lookin' somewhere else." To illustrate his point more clearly, Zamgrund charged forward, his axe raised high.

"You have been warned!" exclaimed the bandit hurriedly before he dashed off into the tall rocks beside the road. The Dwarfs moved to pursue the brigand, but Zamgrund held up a hand. "No, lads. We've too much work to do, and too little time. If there's a stash o' Gromril in that vault, we're not getting' to it through the door."

Back at Karaz-a-Karak, the Forgemasters were producing more Doomstriker weapons every day. Supplies of gromril were running low, and the Oathbearers had been sent to Thunder Mountain to retrieve what legend held was a large quantity of the precious metal that had been stashed in Ankul Duraz. The Dwarfs of old were said to have stashed their treasures in the vault and sealed it closed before they were driven from the region in the Time of Woes.

Zamgrund's second-in-command, Dazik, approached and surveyed the ruined vault.

"We dig?" asked Dazik.

"Aye," answered Zamgrund. Trading his axe for a miner's pick, he led the regiment of Dwarfs toward the ruined vault. "The sooner was get the gromril to Karaz-a-Karak, the quicker they'll forge the rest o' the Doomstrikers. Then, at last, we can take the fight to the enemy."

"I can hardly wait," answered Dazik, pounding his fist into his palm for emphasis. "It feels like we've ben backed into a corner at every turn by these chuffin' Orcs."

Zamgrund nodded. "Lad, when our work in Thunder Mountain's done, the Oathbearers will march into Black Crag with all the armies o' the Dwarfs at our back. Then we'll settle our accounts with these greenskins once and for all. For now, we've got work to do, so let's get to it."

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