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Dwarf Chapter 18

Dwarf Chapter 18 Order Storyline

Into the Fire

location: Palik Watch, Thunder Mountain

npc: Bari Hlavengr

zone: Thunder Mountain

Public Quest: Ashreaver Tribe Stronghold

Public Quest: The Cult of Drakk

Public Quest: Emberlight Mine

previous chapter is: Raiders of the Lost Vault

next chapter is: Weatheredmane's Stand

Chapter Lore: Faldrin Uriksson swung his Doomstriker hammer at the towering Orc before him. His proud Dwarf throng marched into the valley on the western side of Thunder Mountain, chanting the name of High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer. The Empire regiments were to arrive from the southeast, to hit the greenskin horde in the flank. Faldrin didn't care. The gromril mines and Eight Peaks would soon be theirs, and when they were, the last of the Doomstrikers could be completed and the march on the enemy stronghold would finally begin.

Faldrin found it hard to believe that the stinking green Orc was the best the Horde could muster to challenge him; the monstrous face was altogether lacking any signs of cunning. The brute soon began swinging his huge choppa with the twisted, jagged edges. Faldrin noted small pieces of the Orc's previous foes lodged in its jaggedly-serrated teeth.

The battle with the Orc champion lasted for hours. Faldrin's faith in Valaya and in his hand-tooled runes gave him strength, but the Orc's impressive endurance starved his victory. Rain and thunder came, muffling the sounds of the battle in the valley below.

The two adversaries continued their struggle through the ruins of the ancient fortress, and up the side of Thunder Mountain to its very summit.

Sparks flew as their weapons clanged together. Faldrin felt his strength begin to falter. The Orc bellowed at his adversary in sheer frustration, the hot blasts of air from his cruel maw now punctuating every swing and slash.

Though the Dwarf's arms were sore to the point that he could barely lift them and his hands ached such that he found it difficult even to hold his weapon, his faith that the Dwarfs would win through in Thunder Mountain had not faltered. Every day, new Oathbearer regiments were arriving in Thunder Mountain, all armed with Doomstriker weapons.

The exquisitely-crafted Doomstrikers were more than masterful works of Dwarf craftsmanship. Within each was bound powerful runes to make them even more deadly. Armed with such weapons, the Oathbearers had finally begun to turn the tide of the war. Now, they were driving the greenskins from Thunder Mountain just as the greenskins had done to their ancestors long ago.

Faldrin circled slowly around his opponent, and then mustered the strength for a direct charge. The Orc was too slow to react, and the blow from Faldrin's Doomstriker Axe shattered the creature's choppa. The Orc was sent staggering backward toward the gaping pit of the volcano's cone. For a moment, the beast's arms pinwheeled as it tried to regain balance.

With a shove, Faldrin sent the Orc plummeting down into the fiery depths.

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