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Dwarf Warcamp

Dwarf Warcamp Order Storyline

Weatheredmane's Stand

location: Hammerstriker Point, Black Crag

npc: Rogrin Weatheredmane

zone: Black Crag

Objective: Thargrim's Headwall

Objective: Doomstriker Vein

Objective: Gromril Kruk

Objective: Karak Palik

Objective: Bloodfist Rock

Objective: Karak Karag

previous chapter is: Into the Fire

next chapter is: Desperate Measures

Chapter Lore: The Ranger stumbled into camp nearly exhausted. He took shelter behind a hastily constructed rampart and addressed the camp's leader. "Sir, I've a report for you!"

Rogrin Weatheredmane gave the Ranger a moment to catch his breath before snapping, "Well, what is it?" Weatheredmane had long ago shed any semblance of diplomacy or politeness from his demeanor. There was no room for etiquette in a war of this nature. Rogrin had lost many good Dwarfs in his part of the campaign to retake Karak Eight Peaks and he mourned for each and every one of them. "In case you hadn't noticed, we're down a shaft without a pick here. Greenskins keep sniping at us with arrows and by the time we get to the top of the hill to drive them off, they're long gone."

The Ranger nodded, "Yessir, I know that. But there's something you should know about. We were out patrolling near Howling Gorge and we saw an entire horde of greenskins marching through it. More of them swarm into Black Crag with each passing day."

Rogrin cursed. "Aye, and they won't be satisfied with pickin' us off one at a time anymore. They'll come in force and overwhelm us. We must make plans for a retreat. Prepare to sound the retreat!"

"If I may suggest it, Sir, there may be an alternative," interrupted the Ranger.

Rogrin shouted, "Then spit it out, lad. We've not much time!"

The Ranger thought a moment before speaking, "If we collapse that gorge, we'll crush every last one o' those chuffin' greenskins. I've more than enough picks and hammers for the job at me camp"

Weatheredmane pondered this briefly and then shouted, "Cancel the retreat!" Then he turned to the Ranger and said, "Allright, lad, you've sold me. What do you need from us?"

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