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Dwarf Chapter 19

Dwarf Chapter 19 Order Storyline

Desperate Measures

location: Dragonslayer Ridge, Thunder Mountain

npc: Dolgr Grinarson

zone: Thunder Mountain

Public Quest: Peak's Edge

Public Quest: Ankul Grob

Public Quest: Whoosha's Boyz

previous chapter is: Weatheredmane's Stand

next chapter is: Blood Oath

Chapter Lore: As his comrades cried out in terror and pain, Hargan Hammerstriker lunged forward and slashed impulsively at the winged nightmare that had attacked the warcamp. His blade bit deep into its hide, yet it did not seem to suffer. The creature flapped away without making a sound, leaving another three Dwarfs dead in its wake.

There came a whistling sound, and something brushed against his face. Hargan cocked his head, unsure of what he was hearing. The answer was made painfully clear a moment later as sharpened steel cut through the skin on his right arm. Arrows thunked into the wooden crates all throughout the camp, and Hargan took one in his thigh. Other Dwarfs cried out in pain and surprise.

"Goblin archers on the ridge!" came a shout his left. The greenskins, perhaps seeing the distraction that the Nightmare had caused, were launching an attack of their own. Or had it been planned?

As Hargan shouted orders to his hard-pressed soldiers, he heard the tell-tale thundering of a Giant's footsteps in the valley below. Hargan spared a glance over the cliff and saw a pair of the massive creatures lumbering towards them.

"Now what? " cried the Dwarf Captain in frustration. Just then, a Skaven dart bounced off Hargan's armor. When he turned to see who had fired it, a swift shadow darted out of view behind a rock, it's long tail whipping behind.

Hargan let out a yell. "Fine then! Let all of Thunder Mountain come and taste our anger!"

The nearby Dwarfs let out a cheer, punctuated by the crackle of gunfire from Gradmir Nogunsson's Thunderers. A dozen rampaging Orcs, all bare to the waist,crashed against the Dwarf defenses and were torn apart by axe and hammer. Behind these, a group of Black Orcs entered the breach, and Hargan saw a few stout Dwarf fighters go down.

Hargan looked over at Golgin Rockbinder, his most trusted friend. Was it time to retreat to Kadrin Valley, though it meant abandoning the Oathbearers' push to secure Thunder Mountain? No. Their task here was nearly complete. Just a few more shipments of gromril, and the Forgemasters would have all that they needed to craft the last batch of Doomstrikers. They needed to hold for a few more days, at most.

Hargan Hammerstriker sucked in his gut, grit his teeth and stood firm. "Courage, Oathbearers! For your ancestors and the High King, hold fast! We'll buy our miners what time they need, no matter the cost!"

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