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Dwarf Warcamp

Dwarf Warcamp Order Storyline

Orcslayer's Warcamp

location: Gharvin's Brace, Kadrin Valley

npc: Grumir Orcslayer

zone: Kadrin Valley

Objective: Squiggly Beast Pens

Objective: Lobba Mill

Objective: Rottenpike Ravine

Objective: Madcap Pickins

Objective: Karaz Drengi

Objective: Kazad Dammaz

previous chapter is: Blood Oath

next chapter is: New Allies, New Enemies

Chapter Lore: Grumir Orcslayer clasped his gauntleted hands behind his back as he paced back and forth. The line of recruits stood there, petrified, and at attention as the legendary leader of the Gharvin's Brace regiment looked them over. Suddenly, Grumir stopped and turned abruptly to address one Oathbearer recruit, whose eyes widened to the size of coins.

Grumir fairly shouted, "Do ya think ya have the gumption to join our ranks, beardling? Why should I pick you, out of all of these young 'uns, to keep my beloved Kadrin Valley safe from the greenskin menace?"

The recruit stammered, "Because...Because, I hate greenskins." Hurriedly, he added,

"Good answer, lad. Good answer, indeed," said Grumir as he rested a hand on the Oathbearer's shoulder. "But that ain't enough. Not by a long shot! The Brace is a proud regiment and we take our responsibilities very seriously. Chief amongst them is the protection of the Gromril Spike. As the locomotive winds its way though Kadrin Valley, it makes for an easy and temptin' target for the greenskins. As part of that mission, we also regularly patrol the areas surrounding Peak Pass using Gyrocopters." Grumir released his grip on the recruit and stepped back.

"That's partly why you lads are here. A few of our Gyrocopters've gone missin' an' I need someone to go lookin' fer 'em. Bring 'em back alive, or don't come back at all. Any volunteers?"

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