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Dwarf Chapter 21

Dwarf Chapter 21 Order Storyline

New Allies, New Enemies

location: Oathgrund's Watch, Black Crag

npc: Gargrim Oathgrund

zone: Black Crag

Public Quest: Gobbo Carvas

Public Quest: Magister Dhetal

Public Quest: Muck Pen

previous chapter is: Orcslayer's Warcamp

next chapter is: At the Doorstep of Eight Peaks

Chapter Lore: "That Orc fortress will be trouble," remarked Gargrim Othgrund, pointing to a location on the great map of Black Crag that occupied the wooden table in the middle of the tent. The other veterans nodded in agreement.

A Dwarf with a long grey beard bound in clasps of shining silver spoke next. "There's a mighty Orc leader there. They call him the Grudgemaker. He's been put in charge of the approach to Karak Eight Peaks."

"Then I hope he like the taste of gromril!" answered Gargrim, patting the hilt of the Doomstriker hammer that hung from his hip. Laughing heartily, the veterans raised their flagons and drank.

When they had emptied their cups, Gargim continued the discussion. "What news of those beasts that attacked us this morning? They had a foul, unnatural look about 'em."

"Allow me to answer that question." The voice was that of a man of the Empire. Startled, the Dwarfs turned to see a stranger standing near the tent flaps. He wore a tall, wide-brimmed hat that hung low over his brow, concealing his eyes. Several guns and swords hung from his belt.

"The creatures were the work of a Sorcerer named Kaspar Vogt. He is a servant of evil, a heretic, and he is using your army to test his powers."

Gargrim placed his hands on his hips. "We've little need to be concerned with a lone manling and his parlor tricks. And who might ye be, trespasser?"

The stranger bowed low. "Call me Klaus. I am a Witch Hunter, and I should warn you not to underestimate the Sorcerer. Darkness is growing in the world, and his powers have grown with it. What you have seen thus far is but a taste of what is to come. When he decides to make full use of his talents, you will lose many warriors. You'll stand no chance against the Grudgemaker if you don't deal with the more immediate threats that surround you."

"And I suppose yer here because you need our help?" The Dwarf's words were laced with skepticism.

"On the contrary," answered the Witch Hunter quietly, "I am here because you need mine."

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