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Dwarf Chapter 22

Dwarf Chapter 22 Order Storyline

At the Doorstep of Eight Peaks

location: Gav's Oathbearers, Black Crag

npc: Gav Hallmundr

zone: Black Crag

Public Quest: The Defiled Anvil

Public Quest: Dammaz Skar

Public Quest: Poisonwing Canyon

previous chapter is: New Allies, New Enemies

next chapter is: Stonewatch

Chapter Lore: The ringing of steel on steel was everywhere. Grodrun Goldstriker's jaw was set as he waded into the sea of enraged greenskins before him. In the distance, the pinnacles of the Eight Mountains from which Karak Eight Peaks took its name beckoned to him, and to all his fellow Oathbearers.

"Advance is hopeless, Longbeard," came a gurgling whisper from Grodrun's lower left. Grodrun backed up and swung at a crazed Black Orc on his right. The Doomstriker passed easily through the Orc's steel armor and lodged in its spine.

When he was sure the Orc was dead, Grodrun turned to the Dwarf who had spoken. It was Damomir Bedriksson, an Engineer of Kazanin Runemaker's clan. A half-dozen gaping wounds from the Orcs' choppas crisscrossed his chest and thighs. Grodrun could see that he was near death.

Grodrun permitted himself a moment to kneel next to the fallen Dwarf as the battle raged on around him.

Damomir coughed fo a full minute, spraying blood in the brown dust at Grodrun's feet. Then, he clased Grodrun's arm and pulled him close. He whispered hoarsely in his ear, saying "We'll never make it into Eight Peaks. There's three times as many Orcs here as we'd thought. This fortress of their goes up an' up to the mountain's peak, an' we'll be fightin' an endless horde o' these beasts every inch o' the way."

Grodrun nodded in agreement. The Oathbearers were in over their heads, and could not fight both the greenskins and the steep mountain slopes at the same time. Dozens had already lost their lives falling from the sheer inclinces and rickety rope bridges that goverened access to the upper levels of the greenskins' mountain fort.

Damomir, sensing his comrade's uncertainty, pressed his argument. "Listen, even if we made it to the top, we'd be exhausted. We'd be easy prey for that monster they call Grudgemaker. Get back to Karak Drazh and make a stand there!"

Grodrun dabbed at the Engineer's wounds, wanting for a Runepriest. "You're right, my old friend. We haven't the strength for this, at least not yet. More Oathbearers are on the way. Perhaps if we can hold our camp against these butchers, we can try again."

Damomir did not answer. His eyes stared vacantly skyward, and his laboresd breathing had stopped. Grodrun closed the dead Dawrf's eyelids and took the Doomstriker from his hand. He stood slowly, and brushed a tear from his eye.

"Oathbearers!" cried Grodrun, "Fall back to camp! Abandon the attack!"

As the Dwarfs began their fighting retreat, Grodrun looked up at the top of the mountain. There, the Grudgemaker stood. He was an Orc of enormous size, larger than any Grodrun had ever seen. As he watched his Orcs drive the Oathbearers from his fortress, he raised his arms and roared a great "Waaagh!"

Grodrun's eyes narrowed, and a burning hatred swelled in his chest.

"Soon monster, soon. We leave now, but we will return. I swear upon the soul of every noble Oathbearer that has fallen here today... we will be back."

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