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Dwarf Fortress Order Storyline


location: Stonewatch

zone: Stonewatch

Undefined: Fortress Lord, Thagri Highmountain

previous chapter is: At the Doorstep of Eight Peaks

Chapter Lore: The Dwarfs might guild their drinking halls and celebrate their hordes, but when it comes to battle the Dwarfs know that only keen edges and bitter stances matter. The fortress at Stonewatch is a testament to the dour simplicity of the Dwarf defense. With walls that merge with the stone of the mountain, and foundations that go as deep as the roots of the world, Dwarf fortifications have no equal. Hidden masterfully within the crannies and niches of the stone are entire batteries of cannons already aimed and ready to fire.

To assault the fortress of Stonewatch is to assault the side of a mountain, and all who have tried have failed as the great carved eyes of Karaz-a-Karak's entrance look on.

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