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Empire Chapter 2
zone: Nordland

Empire Chapter 2 Order Storyline

The Muster of Nordland

location: The Grey Lady Coaching Inn, Nordland

npc: Werner Fassbinder

zone: Nordland

Public Quest: The Burning Windmill

Public Quest: Ruins of Schloss von Rubendorff

Public Quest: The Norse are Coming!

previous chapter is: War Comes to Grimmenhagen

next chapter is: The Battle of New Emskrank

Chapter Lore: Uncle Werner? Are you alive?

Werner's eyes blinked open and he looked about, confused. Slowly, the old peasant raised himself from the ground, straining against the weight of his chainmail shirt. Looking up, he smiled to see the face of his nephew, Gustav.

I'm all in one piece, then?" said the old man, surprised. "When I saw them Northmen comin' for me with their black swords, I thought I were a salted cod for sure."

All able-bodied men from the local villages had been summoned to the Grey Lady Inn by order of the Elector Count. There, under the direction of the Order of the Griffon, officers in the Nordland army were organizing the conscripts into regiments. Just as the unit had been preparing to march northward, a band of marauding Northmen attacked the coaching inn. The assault had been beaten back, but not without casualties.

"You two! Return to the ranks at once!" The voice was that of Captain Lankdorf, the officer in charge of assembling the ragtag band of farmers and shepherds into a fighting force. He was riding about and barking orders to the commoners, ignoring the curses they uttered under their breath. A younger officer approached him on foot and saluted.

'Sir! We have reports that scattered bands of Norse invaders have attacked several of the local farms. Fires have broken out and the peasants are asking for help."

Captain Lankdorf sighed. "Form a detachment, Sergeant, and move quickly to put those fires out. If you find any more of these raiding parties, put them to the sword."

'There's more, Captain. Our main force to the north has met the enemy at New Emskrank. General Breuer is calling for reinforcements."

'Very well, Sergeant. Take your men and get those fires under control." As the Sergeant ran to carry out his order, Captain Lankdorf turned to face the mob of farmers behind him.

"You are now the Grimmenhagen Irregulars, in the service of the Elector Count Theoderic Gausser. Arm yourselves and prepare to march!"

Werner noticed that his nephew's hands were trembling.

"There now, lad. Put your faith in Sigmar, and 'e'll look after you."

Gustav managed a smile. "Thank you, Uncle. Sigmar willing, maybe we'll win the day."

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