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Empire Warcamp
zone: Nordland

Empire Warcamp Order Storyline

Sighting the Enemy

location: Arnholdt's Company, Nordland

npc: Captain Arnholdt

zone: Nordland

Objective: The Nordland XI

Objective: The Harvest Shrine

Objective: Festenplatz

Objective: Lost Lagoon

previous chapter is: The Battle of New Emskrank

next chapter is: The Pit of the Forsaken

Chapter Lore: Captain Arnholdt sighted down the barrel of the cannon as he made a series of calculations in his head. It was hardly necessary to be so precise; the accursed Northmen had so many longships in the water off the coast of New Emskrank that it would be impossible to fire a volley and not hit something. He surveyed the beachhead, and laughed bitterly as he thought that the Northmen could walk to New Emskrank from Norsce simply by jumping from ship's bow to ship's stern, so crowded was the harbor.

"Make this first volley count, men!" shouted Arnholdt to the cannon crews that were within earshot. "There will be no ranging shots, so your first volley has to be dead on. I don't want to give these animals a second's warning before we rain hot iron upon them. With any luck, we'll sink or disable enough of them that the approaching ships will have to maneuver around the wreckage."

Arnholdt turned to the engineer standing next to him and watched as the artilleryman used every bit of the training the Imperial Gunnery School in Nuln had hammered into him to prepare his cannon to fire. "The Northmen that have made landfall make their way here. We need to prevent as many of their reinforcements from reaching land as possible. If we cut the raiders off from their support, we might be able to force them into doing something they don't want to do." Arnholdt paused for a moment, as if considering what mistakes he might force the undisciplined Northmen to make.

"I shall return to New Emskrank. We barely repelled the Northmen raiders' assault on the town last night, and I suspect more of them will attack soon. You may fire when ready." Arnholdt did not wait for acknowledgement of his orders, trusting in the cannoneer's training to let him choose when the first volley was ready. The cannon, dubbed 'The Ultimate Argument,' was a trustworthy weapon, and a veteran of many campaigns. It would fire true.

Anholdt spun on his heel and left. The engineer nodded to himself, and went back to his preparations.

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