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Empire Chapter 4
zone: Norsca

Empire Chapter 4 Order Storyline

The Pit of the Forsaken

location: Gotland Advance, Norsca

npc: Captain Kleinke

zone: Norsca

Public Quest: Altar of the Bloodbane

Public Quest: Pit of the Forsaken

Public Quest: Ulfenwyr

previous chapter is: Sighting the Enemy

next chapter is: Aid from Afar

Chapter Lore: The sun had set and twilight was creeping over the southern reaches of Norsca. Six knights of the Empire rode in a column through the fading light. Their leader, First Knight Aldric Ohrsten pulled his heavy black cloak tightly around his shoulders to ward off the biting cold. The riders rounded a bend and saw a village ahead. Nailed to a nearby tree was a worn plank of wood on which was painted the word 'Gotland'.

Even in the growing gloom, it was clear that something strange was taking place in the center of the village. A wild-haired man clad in brown robes held his arms high and chanted in an unfamiliar language. Nearby, a handful of Norscan warriors held a dozen peasants captive.

Suddenly, the earth in the center of the village shifted and buckled. The ground sank rapidly, forming a pit that spread outward. The village huts tilted and sloped down toward the center of the pit as it grew ever larger. A vile, stinking mud bubbled up from the center of the pit, slowly filling it.

The robed Norscan stopped chanting, his eyes wide with surprise. He hurriedly gestured to one his men, and pointed at the pit. The warrior shoved a nearby peasant forward into the pit. The victim coughed and sputtered as he sank into the mud, flailing desperately in an effort to escape. His struggles were futile, however, and with a great sucking sound, he disappeared into the muck.
A few minutes passed, and then the villager emerged from the pit, his features disfigured and grotesque. He shambled over to the Sorcerer, bowing obediently.

Ohrsten turned to face his men. "We will deal with this abomination in a moment, but first, Hermann, I have an errand for you."

The youngest of the Knights rode forward and saluted his commander.

"Return to Nordland and inform General Breuer of what we have seen. He must send a detachment here, for we may need aid. If we should fail, Sigmar forbid, we cannot let this atrocity continue."

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