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Empire Chapter 5

Empire Chapter 5 Order Storyline

Aid from Afar

location: Suskarg, Troll Country

npc: Siegmund Kraemer

zone: Troll Country

Public Quest: Plague on the Wind

Public Quest: Deathstone Quarry

Public Quest: Welcome to Troll Country

previous chapter is: The Pit of the Forsaken

next chapter is: Sins of the Past

Chapter Lore: A small band of soldiers wearing the emblem of the Order of the Griffon stood and stared at a large, bare-limbed tree. A troll had been affixed to the tree by way of several large spears driven through its feet and hands, and now it thrashed about, jibbering and snarling as the soldiers looked on.

"That would be Old Fussbelly," said an elderly farmer who approached the group quietly as they looked upon the spectacle. Startled, the men whirled about, hands upon their sword hilts. Upon seeing the farmer, one of the soldiers stepped forward and spoke.

"Siegmund Kramer?"

"Aye, I be him," nodded the grey-haired farmer, tipping his hat with a grin. "Ye got my letter, then?"

"We did," answered the soldier. "I am Sergeant Adelhof of the Order of the Griffon. You say you know something of the plague?"

The farmer nodded again, but his smile faded as he spoke. "I do indeed. In fact, I can tell ye when first it appeared, and that it was made by the hands of evil men."

Sergeant Adelhof stepped closer, coming nearly face to face with the old man. "Then speak, and be truthful. My men have ridden far and through great danger to come here - we are in no mood for wives' tales."

"Aye, aye, of course ye have," agreed the farmer. "I'll tell ye all the tale, from start to finish, but I must ask one small favor in return."

The Sergeant's voice was laced with skepticism when he spoke. "And what is that?"

"My family and me, well, we're doin' our best to keep the farm goin' up here, but it ain't exactly a hospitable place, if ye take my meanin'. We could use some help managin' these Trolls, and then there's them poor folks who succumbed to the plague. Sometimes they come down from the hills looking for food, and by that I mean us."

"Very well," answered the Sergeant. "But you had better make good on your end of the bargain. I will hold you to account If I find that I have risked the lives of my men to hear a fanciful tale."

The farmer answered in a low voice. "I only wish it were."

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