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Empire Warcamp

Empire Warcamp Order Storyline


location: Blackbramble Hollow, Troll Country

npc: Presbyter Fromme

zone: Troll Country

Objective: Monastery of Morr

Objective: Ruins of Greystone Keep

Objective: Kinshel's Stronghold

Objective: Crypt of Weapons

Objective: Mandred's Hold

Objective: Stonetroll Keep

previous chapter is: Sins of the Past

next chapter is: Riddles and Clues

Chapter Lore: Several of the militiamen suppressed groans and struggled mightily to resist rolling their eyes as Presbyter Fromme clambered lightly to the top of the makeshift pulpit and looked out upon his flock with a purposeful glare. Lately, the cleric had taken to holding impromptu sermons whilst standing atop the wooden barrier protecting the west side of the camp. While his fervor was often heartening to the defenders gathered at Blackbramble Hollow, his timing was often suspect.

"Children of the Empire, put down your tools. The redoubts can bide a moment while we talk of more important things, for Sigmar compels me to speak with you." He continued, "The enemy continues to desecrate the graves of our fallen loved ones by denying them their well-earned rest in the realms of Morr." The Warrior Priest thumped his fist on the top of the barricade with a resounding smack. "I sense that for most of you, your role in this fight is one of self-preservation. You fight for yourselves and not for the glory of Sigmar." He stared at the gathered troops who were leaning on their shovels and picks.

"Only the power of Sigmar can protect you from the travesty of existence the enemy has thrust upon the recently dead. Embracing Sigmar's blessing is the only way to prevent your being raised into a disease-spewing parody of life." Fromme made the sign of Sigmar's hammer across his chest as he said this. "I will be granting the catechism of Sigmar for those who wish to avoid this horrific fate. Now return to your duties, for as this camp goes, thus goes Raven's End."

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