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Empire Chapter 7
zone: Ostland

Empire Chapter 7 Order Storyline

Riddles and Clues

location: Kraussner's Garrison, Ostland

npc: Sergeant Kraussner

zone: Ostland

Public Quest: Hochnar

Public Quest: Lissariel's Glade

Public Quest: Plague Trolls

previous chapter is: Sermons

next chapter is: The Siege of Bohsenfels

Chapter Lore: A band of soldiers from the Order of the Griffon were gathered around a large Elf waystone. All about, the ground was peppered with holes and pits. A few crates lay open nearby revealing shovels and lanterns.

Sergeant Kraussner frowned. "There is no doubt of it. The doctors were here, and they were looking for something."

"Has that got sumfin' to do with what 'appened in Felde, then?" asked Private Betz.

"I don't know," admitted Sergeant Kraussner, "but I spied a hut not far from here. Perhaps whoever is living there saw what the doctors were doing. We'll make camp here, and see what we can find out."

Suddenly, a flock of birds rose noisily from a grove of nearby trees. The soldiers turned just in time to see a Norscan youth clad in black bear pelts leap down from the tree and flee westward. As their eyes followed him, they caught sight of a large band of Norscan warriors cresting a hill.

Sergeant Kraussner quickly scanned the horizon. The land around the Waystone would be difficult to defend, but there was an old fort of some kind rising from the middle of a foggy marsh not far to the south. No banner flew over the fort - could it be abandoned?

"Quickly, men, make for the fort! If Ranald is merciful, we'll find it empty and can hold forth there."

The soldiers mounted their horses and galloped toward the marsh. As they rode, Sergeant Kraussner pulled alongside one of his men and shouted over the din of the hooves.

"Albrecht! I need you to ride back to Felde and inform Captain Breitenbach of our situation."

"Yes-s...", Albrecht's words were cut short when a spear penetrated his throat, splashing Sergeant Kraussner's face with warm blood. The young rider tumbled from his saddle, and was dead before he hit the ground. Kraussner turned to face the marsh, and saw dozens of small, grey-green creatures that resembled Goblins. They were standing upon rocks and in tree limbs, hurling spears toward the soldiers.

"Boglars!" cried Private Betz, ducking a spear.

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