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Empire Chapter 8
zone: Ostland

Empire Chapter 8 Order Storyline

The Siege of Bohsenfels

location: Bohsenfels, Ostland

npc: Demona Gaertner

zone: Ostland

Public Quest: The Black Mire

Public Quest: Nurenmir's Lancers

Public Quest: Siege of Bohsenfels

previous chapter is: Riddles and Clues

next chapter is: Wolfenburg

Chapter Lore: Sergeant Herz, have the men erect barricades at either end of the road and then gather buckets of water to fight fires. The rest of you, find every man and woman in the village that can lift a weapon and arm them!

Just as Captain Demona Gaertner had finished giving orders to her soldiers, a loud crash heralded the arrival of the first salvo of enemy cannonballs.

Watching her men rush to prepare the town of Bohsenfels for the coming siege, she quietly cursed her ill luck. The Order of the Griffon had uncovered the origins of the terrible plague that was sweeping through the Empire. A group of rogue doctors who had pledged their souls to the Dark Gods had created the plague to please their vile masters. They had developed and tested the plague in Felde, a remote Empire settlement far to the north.

The doctors then traveled to Ostland to begin spreading their terrible blight among the peoples of the Empire. The trail had led the Order to Bohsenfels, and it was Captain Gaertner's task to learn where it led next. Unfortunately for Gaertner and her men, they had arrived at the same time as the Warhost from the north, which was carving a path of death and ruin through the heart of Ostland. Thus far, the Empire's armies had been unable to slow the enemy's advance and the situation was growing increasingly desperate.

A young man jogged by and Gaertner reach out to stop him. "You there! Is there a doctor in this village?"

"Not any more, but it's funny you should ask that. A while back there were a goodly number who passed through here, all returning from a trip up north."

"Where did the doctors go?"

"They rode off in different directions, as I recall - all except for Doctor Wirtz. He took ill and was laid up in bed for a week, then he just vanished."

More questions and still no answers, thought Gaertner. Well, there was no time to worry about that now. War had come to Bohsenfels, and she and her men were caught in the middle of it.

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