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Empire Chapter 9
zone: Ostland

Empire Chapter 9 Order Storyline


location: Wolfenburg, Ostland

npc: Liebert Naubhof

zone: Ostland

Public Quest: Gore Wood

Public Quest: Howling Vale

Public Quest: Wolfenburg

previous chapter is: The Siege of Bohsenfels

next chapter is: The Search Begins

Chapter Lore: From his perch atop the roof of the great Temple of Sigmar in the center of the city, Liebert Naubhof scanned the streets of Wolfenburg for signs of life. Satisfied that the way was clear, he signaled to his huntsmen and the group withdrew to the stairwell.

Several minutes later, the band of Hunstmen moved noiselessly through the streets, alert for any sign of danger. Victims transformed by the plague were not the only menace here; Ghouls and huge rats the size of dogs had been seen in the streets of Wolfenburg these past few days. Once the splendid capital of Ostland, the city had been consumed by the plague and now lay empty. Well, not quite empty, Liebert reminded himself. There were plenty of monstrous creatures still dwelling here, all of which would eagerly chew the flesh from his bones if given the chance.

This was the third such trip that Naubhof's Huntsmen, now in the service of the Order of the Griffon, had made into the city. The Order was convinced that a band of doctors who secretly worshipped the Dark Gods were behind the plague. They had confronted one of these mad chirurgeons in Bohsenfels and obtained his journal. Within its pages were detailed plans for hiding a stash of crates somewhere in the city of Wolfenburg. In the crates were vials of contaminated water that could later be retrieved to spread the plague to other towns and villages in the Empire.

To Naubhof, it all sounded as confusing as it did far-fetched, but he did understand one thing very clearly - there was a lot of money to be made working for the Order.

Naubhof was stirred from his thoughts by a shuffling sound behind him. He spun just in time to dodge the leap of a foul-smelling Ghoul. As he drew his sword, he saw several more of the creatures springfrom the shadows to assault his men. It was an ambush!

Naubhof shouted an order to withdraw. His men were outnumbered, and none wanted to die on the streets of Wolfenburg to become food for these monsters.

The search would have to wait for another day.

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