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Empire Chapter 10
zone: High Pass

Empire Chapter 10 Order Storyline

The Search Begins

location: Nuhr's Crest, High Pass

npc: Captain Nuhr

zone: High Pass

Public Quest: Chaos Ruins

Public Quest: The Foetid Plains

Public Quest: Tomb of the Traitor

previous chapter is: Wolfenburg

next chapter is: An Uphill Battle

Chapter Lore: A brisk wind lashed at the small circle of Empire tents. Captain Nuhr blew on his hands to warm them as he surveyed the camp. He nodded to himself, satisfied that he had found a defensible position.

The Captain lit a pipe and reflected on the mission that had brought him to High Pass, a forbidding mountain passage far north of any land that could be called civilized. The orders had come directly from the Emperor himself - find Doctor Zumwald, take the plans he was carrying and use them to stop the spread of the plague.

Doctor Zumwald was one of a cabal of Empire doctors who had sold their souls to the Dark Gods. The plague that ravaged the Empire was their creation, but as it happened, they had all been manipulated by other, more shadowy powers.

Zumwald was a disciple of Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways. It was his mission to weaken the Empire in advance of an invasion by a great warhost from the north, and he had done exactly that. His duty now fulfilled, Doctor Zumwald had traveled north to the Temple of Change in High Pass, there to be rewarded by his evil patron.

As evidence of his work, Zumwald had taken with him the detailed plans of the cabal. It was those plans that the Order was after. With them, the soldiers of the Order could put a stop to the spread of the plague and give the Empire a fighting chance against the invading warhost.

The Captain's eyes fixed on a mountain ledge high above the camp. Perched on the narrow ledge were ancient ruins of black stone. A shape moved within them, then another. There were several shadowy figured hiding there... hiding and watching.

The Captain ordered to his men to forme a search party. High Pass was home to many enemies; Giants, Trolls, Ogres and the otherworldy creatures of the Dark Gods all made their homes here. He could not afford to ignore any threat, nor to lower his guard for even a moment.

The Captain whispered a prayer to Ranald. It would take no small measure of luck for this mission to succeed.

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