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Empire Chapter 11
zone: High Pass

Empire Chapter 11 Order Storyline

An Uphill Battle

location: Raven's End, High Pass

npc: Grizela Hirtzel

zone: High Pass

Public Quest: Cult of the Magus

Public Quest: Temple of Change

Public Quest: Lake of the Damned

previous chapter is: The Search Begins

next chapter is: Dogbite Ridge

Chapter Lore: Grizela Hirtzel sat astride her great horse, a pistol in each hand, shouting orders to her men. All about her, soldiers from the Order of the Griffon clashed with the dread warriors of the Raven Host, the enemy's elite troops. The battle was being fought on a steep mountain slope, and the warriors on both sides struggled to hold their footing on the ice-covered earth.

Grizela took aim with one of her pistols and fired. The head of a Raven Host Sorcerer exploded, showering his comrades with gore.

"Where in Sigmar's name is that blasted Steam Tank?" shouted Grizela as she spurred her horse onward up the rocky incline. "It should have been here days ago!"

Grizela, a former Roadwarden out of Hochland, had joined the Order of the Griffon's expedition as a guide. The group's original leader, Sergeant Konig, had been a witless and overbearing bully. When he had died at the hands of a pack of Yhetees three days earlier, none of the men shed a tear. As Grizela was the only one among the group who knew how to survive in the harsh wilderness of High Pass, she soon found herself in charge.

Since then, it had been one fight after another. The increasingly frequent attacks gave evidence that the Order's soldiers were drawing near the ultimate goal of the expedition, the Shrine of Tzeetch.

Grizela spurred her mount further up the snowy slope, and her eyes caught sight of a black stone tower. Though not the Shrine, it was certainly an enemy stronghold. The attacks against her men must have been launched from the tower, Grizela reasoned.

A loud explosion startled Grizela's horse. Turning back, she could see the corpses of the Chaos warriors flying through the air. With a loud rumbling sound, a Steam Tank rolled into view farther down the slope.

As the enemy scattered and fled, Grizela pointed toward the tower on the hill. The Steam Tank's commander waved back from his turret, and the machine lumbered slowly up the slope.

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