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Empire Warcamp
zone: High Pass

Empire Warcamp Order Storyline

Dogbite Ridge

location: Dogbite Ridge, High Pass

npc: Teodor Hennschel

zone: High Pass

Objective: Hallenfurt Manor

Objective: Feiten's Lock

Objective: Ogrund's Tavern

Objective: Verentane's Tower

Objective: Passwatch Castle

Objective: Stoneclaw Castle

previous chapter is: An Uphill Battle

next chapter is: Ice and Fire

Chapter Lore: Teodor Hennschel waited until the Raven Host patrol made its camp and drank themselves to sleep. This was easier said than done, for it took hours, and for a Witch Hunter used to seizing the moment, the waiting game was taking its toll on his nerves.

The last member of the inexperienced marauder patrol fell backwards against a tree, and began to snore, the firelight playing over his features as he drew his last breaths.

Within seconds, Hennschel and his men were standing over them, drawing pistols. The popping of flintlock charges in the night air of High Pass was noticeable from a distance, but the defenders of the Empire were already running for the safety of Dogbite Ridge. Running in the dark in High Pass was madness (even with both the moons in their fullest phase), but so was the business of being a Witch Hunter.

The warcamp at Dogbite had no leader, no captain anyone would follow; the last decent officers had fled home to try and raise new regiments. Hennschel suspected this to be a convenient excuse to depart from the field of battle.

He came into the camp unchallenged by any guard. This upset him. He went over to Klaus Marvik's bedroll, and deftly placed his knife to his throat.

"Wake up, you dog, I'll take your surrender now,"

Marvik awoke with a start. Hennschel clouted him across the face for leaving the camp wide open.

"Fool. I could have had a warband chasing me back from my dirty work, and they would have stomped right over you and the rest of these wastrels!"

"I had guards posted, Rodrik and Gant."

"No sign of them... perhaps the Ravens at Hallenfurt Keep are growing bolder!"

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