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Empire Chapter 12
zone: High Pass

Empire Chapter 12 Order Storyline

Ice and Fire

location: Bitter Woods, High Pass

npc: Konrad Riese

zone: High Pass

Public Quest: Echoes of War

Public Quest: The Grisly Herd

Public Quest: Shrine of Tzeentch

previous chapter is: Dogbite Ridge

next chapter is: Hergig Bridge

Chapter Lore: Small flakes of snow began to drift gently down from the grey sky as the Bright Wizard Konrad Riese sized up the horde of Daemons rushing toward him. Horrors, Screamers, and other spawn of the Great Manipulator charged forth alongside the human cultists who had made the Shrine of Tzeentch their home. Behind the Wizard, ranks of soldiers clad in the black, white and gold colors of the Order of the Griffon braced for the charge.

The Wizard held his hands aloft and balls of orange fire leapt forth from his fingertips. When the fireballs struck the enemy charge, the fiends screamed and wailed. Some caught fire, while others dropped to the hard, frost-covered earth and did not move again.

Riese laughed, then waved his right arm in a broad gesture. A wall of flames sprang up before the horde of Chaos minions. Some pulled up short, while others plunged straight through and burst into flames themselves.

The power was exhilarating, and Reise drank deeply of it. The Empire had saved its greatest weapon for the final assault upon the Shrine, and the servants of the Ruinous Powers were totally unprepared. Doctor Zumwald and the plans he carried would soon be in their hands. Then, the Order would hunt down the rest of the traitorous doctors and end their plot to spread their vile plague across the Empire.

A surprised shout was all the warning the Wizard received when a squadron of heavily-armored knights crashed into his unit of soldiers. Reise whirled around to see a dozen riders adorned in blue and black, their shields bearing a familiar device. The Raven Host had waited in hiding to launch their charge, and the sound of their approach has been masked by the tortured screams of the burning minions of Chaos.

"Withdraw!" cried Riese, as he fired gouts of flame toward the Champion of the knights. The Raven Host had won the day, but the Order would be back, and in greater numbers.

With the fate of the Empire in the balance, defeat was not an option.

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