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Empire Chapter 13

Empire Chapter 13 Order Storyline

Hergig Bridge

location: Hergig Landing, Talabecland

npc: Captain Melicent Drauwulf

zone: Talabecland

Public Quest: Bitterschaum Swamp

Public Quest: Wagon Defense

Public Quest: Witch Fire Glade

previous chapter is: Ice and Fire

next chapter is: Sacrifices

Chapter Lore: Angry storm clouds of deep blue and gray loomed on the northern horizon. The wind picked up as a peal of thunder rumbled over the low hills. Captain Melicent Drauwulf sized up the approaching storm and judged that it was still a few hours away. That left more than enough time for the work at hand.

The Captain raised her hand, and then lowered slowly. At the signal, one of her soldiers threw a torch onto the large bundle of kindling at the base of the stake to which Doctor Eustasius Lang was bound. Nearby, the Witch Hunter Emil Trachsel looked on. His hand strayed near the grip of his pistol as if he expected the doctor to attempt an escape. Instead, Doctor Lang burned, and screamed as he did so.

An hour later, the Captain and the Witch Hunter stood near a stone bridge that crossed the Talabecland near the village of Zurin. Nearby, in the center of the hamlet, the doctor's remains still smoldered.

The Witch Hunter glanced toward the smoking pyre as he spoke. "There is just one left now. Their leader, in fact. He is holed up in a castle near Unterbaum."

"Good," answered the Captain, removing her helmet and wiping sweat from her brow. "The warhost is days away at most, and we are nearly out of time."

"Would you like to join the hunt?"

The Captain sighed. She would like nothing more to be rid of this ghost town. The villagers had long since fled the approaching warhost, and Zurin had taken on an eerie, surreal quality.

"I cannot. We must finish destroying this damnable bridge, first." The Order's first attempt to blow up the Zurin Bridge had failed, leaving a large hole in its side. The enemy could still use it, however, and so her work was not done yet. She had sent for more blasting powder, but the shipment was long overdue now.

"I take my leave of you, Captain." The Witch Hunter bowed curtly and turned to leave.

Captain Drauwulf turned and called after him. "If you see a wagon loaded with blasting powder, tell them to hurry up."

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