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Empire Chapter 14

Empire Chapter 14 Order Storyline


location: Unterbaum, Talabecland

npc: Emil Trachsel

zone: Talabecland

Public Quest: Meuselbach Farm

Public Quest: Unterbaum Castle

Public Quest: Unterbaum Cemetary

previous chapter is: Hergig Bridge

next chapter is: Trouble at the Emperor's Arms

Chapter Lore: With shrieks of horror, two more Order of the Griffon soldiers were pulled down by the horde of newly-risen plague victims. Only three soldiers now remained, and they ran as fast as they could for the middle of Unterbaum Bridge. When the men reached the barrels filled with blasting powder, they turned to look back. A dozen of the plague fiends were racing after them.

"Blow the bridge, Gunter!" cried one of the soldiers. Gunter lowered his torch to the long fuse and lit it.

The guards did not live to see the mighty blast that erupted from the center of the bridge only a few minutes later.

At the Order's camp on the outskirts of Unterbaum, the men of the Empire raised their fists and cheered. Their leader, the Witch Hunter Emil Trachsel, bowed his head and whispered a prayer of gratitude to Sigmar. The enemy warhost, now only hours away, would find no passage across the Talabec at Unterbaum.

Unterbaum had fallen to the plague creatures several days ago. Every attempt by the Order to enter the town had been beaten back. He had decided on a small team of runners to light the fuse, but the men who'd volunteered knew it to be a suicide mission. Those men had families, and they had given their lives to protect them.

Above Unterbaum was Castle Schloss, and within, Doctor Eustasius Lang, leader of the cult of doctors who had spread the terrible plague. He was the last of the cult as well as the most dangerous. If his soldiers were not busy keeping the roads safe for the refugees fleeing the approaching warhost, Trachsel would launch an assault upon the castle. Adding to his troubles was the appearance of Daemons like the foul Nurglings and their larger cousins, the Plaguebearers, no doubt the work of Doctor Lang.

With every day, the Empire's enemies seemed to multiply. If help didn't arrive soon, Trachsel knew that he and his soldiers would share the same fate as those who had blown the bridge.

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