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Empire Chapter 15
zone: Reikland

Empire Chapter 15 Order Storyline

Trouble at the Emperor's Arms

location: West Temple, Reikland

npc: Elmeric Oberholzer

zone: Reikland

Public Quest: Root of Rebellion

Public Quest: Fields of Ruin

Public Quest: Heinrich Estate

previous chapter is: Sacrifices

next chapter is: The Young Martinet

Chapter Lore: "Are you expecting an attack from Altdorf, Sergeant?"

Sergeant Dieter Meyer turned to see a man looking down at him from atop a great warhorse. Behind him were a dozen of others, all wearing the colors of the Order of the Griffon. Meyer sighed.

"Beggin' your pardon, but who exactly are you, and what does you mean about Altdorf?"

"I am Captain Elmeric Oberholzer, and my men are here to garrison this crossroads. The Emperor has determined that this place is of strategic importance in the defense of Reikland, and we are here to see that it does not fall to the enemy."

Sergeant Meyer waved his hand to indicate the regiment of Reikland militiamen who were busily fortifying the nearby coaching inn. "As you can see, we've got things well in hand. Why don't you just ride on and find somewhere where you can be more useful."

Captain Oberholzer narrowed his eyes, and then climbed down from his mount. He approached the Sergeant until the two men's faces were inches apart.

"In your vast incompetence, you have built your defenses facing in the wrong direction. Your palisade walls are pointed toward Altdorf, you imbecile! And you say you do not need our help?"

The two men stared for a long moment. The Sergeant clenched his fists, but kept them at his sides.

"What is more, my scouts report that creatures of the Dark Gods have overrun several nearby villages, and that recently you evicted the priests from the local Temple of Sigmar and declared the place off-limits to the public. Now we have word that a local man by the name of Emil Schulmann is inciting the peasants at Heinrich manor to revolt! In the name of Sigmar, what exactly is going here, Sergeant?"

Meyer's face reddened as he answered. "I'm followin' my orders! You got a problem wiv' dat, mister high-an-mighty Order of the Griffon, then you can go an' speak to Lord Grauenburg yerself!"

Captain Oberholzer nodded. "Perhaps I will. Gather your men, Sergeant, and I will brief them on our new defensive strategies. Be quick about it, for we have much to do."

Sergeant Meyer spat in the ground at the Captain's feet, and then stormed off.

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