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Empire Warcamp
zone: Reikland

Empire Warcamp Order Storyline

The Young Martinet

location: Deathwatch Landing, Reikland

npc: General Walther Gellert

zone: Reikland

Objective: Reikwatch

Objective: Frostbeard's Quarry

Objective: Schwenderhalle Manor

Objective: Runehammer Gunworks

Objective: Zimmeron's Hold

Objective: Charon's Citadel

previous chapter is: Trouble at the Emperor's Arms

next chapter is: Threats from Within

Chapter Lore: "General Gellert, welcome to Deathwatch Camp," called out Ralf Storcher.

Gellert's command troop, reduced in strength to himself and Lieutenant Stryker by recent action, cantered into the warcamp. No sooner had Gellert dismounted his trusty chestnut steed that the poor animal was pulped in spectacular fashion by a volley of magic bolts. The destructive magic had obviously been hurled by a Raven Magus near the warcamp. Strunke the Bright Wizard and two armsmen immediately gave chase to the barely-seen foe.

Gellert, not missing a beat, turned to the groaning wretches of Deathwatch Regiment.

"I have news that your regiment is to be commended for holding this position despite suffering many hardships?... and believe me, none of your hardships have gone unnoticed. It is hard to find a letter from this camp that does not whine of adversity in some fashion."

Gellert pointed his riding quirt menacingly at the grimy faces that were regarding him coldly. "Know this. I do not care to hear ill news. I do not care to hear about how well you are holding this tiny position, when all the rest of Reikland is being trod upon by the invader. Know also that the next man to open his mouth with remonstration against his officers will be dancing with Morr by the morrow. Having made that very plain, you shall be receiving your orders within the hour. You shall charge enemy positions opposite the Reik River at sunrise."

Fastrud Satthager of the Deathwatch Regiment had heard it all before, prior to the last such charge. "Sodding rotten snot-nosed prig," he muttered. "Not a gray hair on his head, has he? At least we'll have meat tonight, what with that horse of his bein' killed."

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