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Empire Chapter 16
zone: Reikland

Empire Chapter 16 Order Storyline

Threats from Within

location: Reik River Observatory, Reikland

npc: Greta Machholt

zone: Reikland

Public Quest: Reik River Bandits

Public Quest: The Enemy Within

Public Quest: Castle Grauenburg

previous chapter is: The Young Martinet

next chapter is: Dark Revelation

Chapter Lore: From atop the Reik River Observatory, Greta Machholt watched anxiously as the soldiers of the Emperor's elite order beat back a horde of Flamers on the slope of the hill below.

As a Wizard of the Celestial College, Greta spent her days reading the stars, seeking omens and portents. It was through these divinations that she was first warned of the corruption taking root in the Grauenburg manor, but with the enemy warhost pressing into Reikland, there was little help at hand.

Greta could only watch as Lord Grauenburg's men declared martial law, evicted the priests of Sigmar from their temple, and built defenses against an assault not from the enemy army, but from Altdorf. It was increasingly clear that Lord Grauenburg was planning to turn against the Emperor and offer the invading army a clear path to the Empire's capital city.

Though it was a vain hope, Greta sent a messenger to Altdorf carrying a letter of warning. To her surprise, the Order of the Griffon arrived soon afterward. With the enemy warhost now in Reikland, the crossroads near the Observatory had become vital to the defense of the province. The Order had garrisoned the coaching inn near the crossroads and was using the place as a waystation for the Outriders and Roadwardens carrying vital dispatches back and forth between Altdorf and the front lines.

That was all well for the war effort, but in his manor home north of the observatory, Lord Grauenburg was still a threat. It was he who was summoning the Daemons and sending them against the Order of the Griffon. Grauenburg's powers were growing stronger with each day; if he was not dealt with soon, the garrison at the Emperor's Arms would be massacred by a nightmare host of Daemons.

The battle below drew to a close. With the last of the Flamers driven off, the soldiers of the Order finished their trek up the hill to the observatory. Greta turned and hurried down the stairs. At last, she would have the chance to warn the soldiers of Grauenburg's treachery.

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