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Empire Chapter 17
zone: Praag

Empire Chapter 17 Order Storyline

Dark Revelation

location: Lieberholz's Command, Praag

npc: Captain Lieberholz

zone: Praag

Public Quest: Screaming Daemons

Public Quest: The Sundered Fortress

Public Quest: Unlikely Allies

previous chapter is: Threats from Within

next chapter is: Flood

Chapter Lore: Captain Lieberholz, take a detachment and secure this fortress to the west." Leopold Rohric pointed to the spot on the map where a keep spanned a large ravine in the mountains nearby. "We can use it as a storage depot and, if necessary, a field hospital."

A field hospital would be necessary. About that, the Knight of the Blazing Sun had no doubts. He did not want to give his men any more reason for concern than they had already.

In the distance, the unmistakable screeching of Hellcannons echoed across the burning city of Praag. A dozen plumes of smoke gave evidence that the Raven Host's attack was well underway. Somewhere in that smouldering ruin was the Daemon called Souleater. According to the Grand Theogonist, the creature should be weak enough to confront, assuming the warriors protecting it could be eliminated. It was for that reason that Rohric's regiment had been dispatched to Praag.

Rohric had told his men only what they needed to know: that the Northmen had launched an assault on the Kislevite city of Praag, and it was crucial that the Empire repel it. With the northern warhost bearing down on Reikland, his men had found it hard to believe that a battle so far from home could have any bearing on the war. If he had told them the truth, their morale would suffer terribly. Rohric knew well that soldiers without hope did not last long in battle.

The Grand Theogonist had recently learned the truth of the Chaos invasion. Tchar'zanek's warhost was not going to stop once it had conquered Altdorf; he had collected relics of power and secretly sent warriors into the Chaos Wastes to retrieve an ancient Daemon. Together, these elements would be used to unleash a terrible spell that would open a massive portal directly over the city. The whole of the world would be transformed forever into a nightmare realm of the Ruinous Powers, beginning with the capital city of the Empire.

Rohric and the other men of the Order were now the Empire's only hope, responsible for preventing an apocalypse from which their homeland would never recover.

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