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Empire Chapter 18
zone: Praag

Empire Chapter 18 Order Storyline


location: Death's Cross, Praag

npc: Captain Becker

zone: Praag

Public Quest: Broken Ground

Public Quest: Eyes in the Dark

Public Quest: Gospodar Square

previous chapter is: Dark Revelation

next chapter is: The Westmark Barricade

Chapter Lore: "They're coming again, Captain!"

The roar of the Northmen's battle cry nearly drowned out the warning cry of the sentry.

Captain Becker cried out above the din. "Hold the bridge! For Sigmar's sake, do not let them cross!"

In a war filled with dark days, this had been the darkest Captain Becker had ever seen. His years of service in the Reiksguard seemed like a distant, pleasant dream compared to the terrible sights he'd witnessed after joining the Order of the Griffon. All of that, however, paled to the horrors of this morning.

The Empire had come to Praag in the hopes of stopping the enemy warhost from carrying out their terrible plan. The Chaos warriors had brought to Praag an ancient Daemon, and the monster was feeding upon the suffering and death from the battle below, growing stronger with each day. When the Daemon's powers were at their peak, the Northmen would take it south to Altdorf to join the main warhost. There, the beast would open a portal to the Realm of Chaos, and the warping energies of the Aethyr would spill out into the heart of the Empire.

Captain Becker had established a large base camp in the southern reaches of Praag. This morning, the foul Northmen had charged into the city and the two sides joined battle in a scenic park. The Norse barbarians sorely outnumbered the Empire's soldiers and drove them back to the bank of the river. Then, just as sudden;y as they'd come, the Northmen broke off their attack.

Seeking to balance the odds against the larger Chaos host, the Captain ordered his soldiers to move camp to the far side of the stone bridge that spanned the river. If his men could hold the bridge long enough, the Captain could establish a camp on the far side and deploy his siege cannons, giving his men a better chance to retake the park.

Thwe blood-chilling cry of the Chaos warrior split the air. They were charging the bridge.

The Captain drew his handgun and cried out to his soldiers, "Hold fast, men! The Empire is depending on you!"

Becker had used the phrase many times to motivate his troops. This time, he realized with a sense of dread, it was utterly true.

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