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Empire Warcamp
zone: Praag

Empire Warcamp Order Storyline

The Westmark Barricade

location: Westmark Barricade, Praag

npc: General Ludwig Klunst

zone: Praag

Objective: Martyr's Square

Objective: Kurlov's Armory

Objective: Russenscheller Graveyard

Objective: Manor of Ortel von Zaris

Objective: Southern Garrison

Objective: Garrison of Skulls

previous chapter is: Flood

next chapter is: Fight Fire with Fire

Chapter Lore: The sound of galloping hoofbeats on cobblestones echoed loudly throughout Westmark Barricade. General Klunst sighed in relief, for it had been a long while since they had seen a messenger of the Empire, or even a horse, for that matter.

"General Klunst, Count von Rendt," called the messenger, while looking back fearfully in the direction of the east. "I bring grim tidings. The regiments holding the crossings of the Lynsk have been defeated. The enemy has brought up additional Hellcannons, and our lines have been broken by them."

Instead of waiting for General Klunst to respond, the messenger spurred his horse and galloped westward out of the city, as if it were the only sane thing to do.

Klunst was beside himself with fury.

"Your Honor," Klunst said to the Count, "What did he mean, the 'regiments holding the crossings of the Lynsk'? I ordered our last two intact regiments to hold the center of town, not be exposed at the river."

Count von Rendt fanned himself. "I felt those orders to be rubbish. I sent our soldiers to make a manly defense of the Lynsk bridges, not cower behind piles of rubble in the city center."

"You ignorant snivelard," Klunst grated. "You've squandered your entire army getting to Praag, and now you've squandered mine!"

"The bridges should be held, General. Surely you can see that!"

"The bridges were open to artillery fire! If you were more than a pig-witted dabbler, you would see THAT!" Without another word, Klunst struck the usurping royal across the face with his war-gauntlet, in full view of the warcamp's armsmen.

"That was unwise, General. I have powerful friends back in Altdorf. You, however, do not."

"Prove it," said the general.

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