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Empire Chapter 19
zone: Praag

Empire Chapter 19 Order Storyline

Fight Fire with Fire

location: Knight's Watch, Praag

npc: Krasa Falkenheim

zone: Praag

Public Quest: Beasts of War

Public Quest: Griffon's Last Stand

Public Quest: Hell's Fall

previous chapter is: The Westmark Barricade

next chapter is: A Desperate Gambit

Chapter Lore: The rumbling grew steadily louder and the ground began to tremble beneath Lady Falkenheim's feet as the column of Steam Tanks rolled into position.

"It's about bloody time!" muttered the Knight under her breath. Had the Steam Tanks arrived at Praag when they were supposed to, it might have turned the tide of the battle. It was too late for them to make a difference now.

Lady Falkenheim climbed into the saddle of her great black destrier, Goliath. She galloped over to the nearest Steam Tank with a stern look. A mustachioed man peered down at her from the turret, saluting as she approached.

"Engineer Commander Tabbeck at your service, Lady."

"You're late, and not by a little!" she snapped, making no effort to hide her displeasure.

Tabbeck ignored the Lady's scolding tone. "Beggin' your pardon, but we couldn't find an intact bridge across the Talabec. Now, where's the target?"

"The enemy camp to the east." answered Lady Falkenheim, waving her hand to indicate the direction. "Notify me when you are in position." With that, she rode away.

She knew Tabbeck was telling the truth. The Emperor himself had ordered the bridges destroyed to slow the advance of the invading warhost. At the time, he hadn't known about Tchar'zanek's master plan, or how important Praag would become. The enemy had kept his plot well-hidden. Only now, with the warhost nearly at the gates of Altdorf, had the true nature of the invasion been revealed.

There was a sudden and terrifying sound, like the tormented screaming of a thousand damned souls. Before she could turn to see what had made sucha dreadful noise, the ground beneath Lady Falkenheim's horse exploded upward in a blast of light and searing heat. She was thrown from the saddle, her armor bristling with embedded shards of rock.

Rolling behind cover, she ventured a quick glance in the direction of the attack. On the opposite bank of the river, the enemy had set up a battery of Hellcannons.

"Tabbeck!" she cried in the direction of the Steam Tanks. "As soon as you're able, return fire on those Hellcannons!"

Another volley struck near the camp, and as soon as the dust settled, Lady Falkenheim leapt out from her cover. Her soldiers were racing to arm themselves before the next volley.

"Come, men of the Empire! We must buy time!"

With her sword held high, Lady Falkenheim charged down the slope toward the enemy encampment, her men racing after her.

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