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Empire Chapter 20

Empire Chapter 20 Order Storyline

A Desperate Gambit

location: Kallenbach Expedition, Chaos Wastes

npc: Valdred Kaltenbach

zone: Chaos Wastes

Public Quest: Dance of Bones

Public Quest: Lost Artifacts

Public Quest: Razing an Army

previous chapter is: Fight Fire with Fire

next chapter is: Tannenbach's Doom

Chapter Lore: Skarlan Durgrinson swung his great hammer in a wide arc, pulverizing three skeletons in succession. Behind him, Valdred Kaltenbach loosed a searing ball of flame that crashed into several Wights, reducing them to smoking black shards of bone.

"Welcome to the Chaos Wastes, Wizard!" roared the Dwarf as he crushed the skull of a still-writing skeleton under his heavy boot.

Kaltenbach grinned, amused in equal measure by the Dwarf's irreverent tone and the smoking remains of the Wights.

A shrieking voice cried out from the top of the nearby tower. "Fools! You have won nothing! Your souls will be consumed by darkness and your mortal remains serve me forever!"

The Dwarf and the Bright Wizard turned to see a wizened man with pale skin and sunken eyes perched atop the highest battlement of the Black Ice Fortress.

The Dwarf indicated the many piles of bones that lay scattered about. "So, these were your handiwork, then? Come down from your perch, manling, and tell us the way to the Inevitable City. We'll make your death quick and painless!"

"You know nothing of death, Dwarf, but I will teach you!" With that, the Necromancer turned and fled back into his lair.

It had gone like this for days, but the Order of the Griffon was slowly pushing back the Necromancer's undead legions and claiming a foothold in the sprawling fortress, thanks in no small part to their Dwarf guide. The trick would be taking the Necromancer alive, for he was the Order's only hope of finding the Inevitable City. And find it they must, or the Empire was doomed.

The Order of the Griffon had failed to destroy the Daemon Souleater in Praag, and all hope seemed lost. Then, fate intervened. The Celestial College divined the existence of a city deep in the Chaos Wastes. This 'Inevitable City', the Wizards explained, was Tchar'zanek's seat of power. A successful assault upon it might just force the Champion to turn back and defend his stronghold.

It was a desperate gambit, but the Emperor had no options left.

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