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Empire Warcamp

Empire Warcamp Order Storyline

Tannenbach's Doom

location: Tannenbach's Doom, Chaos Wastes

npc: Captain Kalder Tannenbach

zone: Chaos Wastes

Objective: Statue of the Everchosen

Objective: Shrine of Time

Objective: Chokethorne Bramble

Objective: Thaugamond Massif

Objective: Wilhelm's Fist

Objective: Morr's Repose

previous chapter is: A Desperate Gambit

next chapter is: Men of Faith

Chapter Lore: Captain Kalder Tannenbach tightened his greatcoat about him, wishing there were a way to have been more prepared for the Chaos Wastes, but as he now well knew, such was an impossibility.

Lukas Gelzer paced miserably in the ice-encrusted camp, and turned suddenly toward the Captain.

"We must resume the march. We cannot stay here or we will die."

"We will die if we resume the march. The men are at the breaking point and we have no supplies," Tannenbach replied.

"Sigmar shall provide, if we have faith," Gelzer said, but it came as a hollow conviction coming from the renowned Witch Hunter who had urged General Koerner into much the same strategy, causing him to expend his own life and the lives of hundreds of his men. Now all that remained of the Order of the Griffon army pressing towards the Inevitable City were these poor, bedraggled wretches around them. It was a pitiful end to a proud army of the Empire.

"There shall be no attack, Witch Hunter." Tannenbaum replied, but his words came out as a parched-sounding hiss.

"If we do not move, we shall surely succumb to the agents of darkness." Gelzer was out of options, as Hochland's master Witch Hunter, he had always known what to do. Here, in the Chaos Wastes, everything to be done turned out to have been the wrong thing, and the burden of responsibility was numbing.

"We have hope that our scouts' reports of adventuring bands coming to join us are true," Tannenbach said. "Then we may be saved, but not if we charge north into the jaws of certain death."

"This frozen warcamp will be your doom, Tannenbach," Gelzer said.

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